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Problems with Porsche Boxster S Episode.

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    A wheeler dealers fan has this to say regarding the Porsche Boxster S episode.

    So disappointing.......Mike found a Boxster that's been laid up for 4yrs and next thing you see he's driving down the main road, no tax no mot? And by his own admission no brakes.

    Surely the first thing that Edd should have done is change the engine oil and filter, yes the gearbox was a worry but not as big as a worry the engine would have been if it had blew, the revamp was by anyone's standards a success but what a way to do it, new discs would have been less than £200 inc pads skimming the old discs is not the thing to do on a 3.2litre sports car and they seemed very thin when finished, the seats .....surely a set of updated used seats would have been cheaper and better as genuine Porsche is always better, then the light upgrade once again quality used parts are readily available on the internet at a fraction of the price.

    If all that was required to cure the gearbox was an oil change(and I don't doubt it was) and the exhaust needed replaced then this indeed was the bargain of a lifetime, but I think the programme was spoiled by silly purchases and miscalculations of pricing of parts, I enjoy watching this programme and Edd is undoubtedly a very clever bloke who knows his stuff, while Mike knows how to get a bargain so come on fellas don't insult the viewers.

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    I enjoy watching this programme....

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