Wheeler Dealers

Tuesday 9:00 PM on Discovery Channel Premiered Oct 07, 2003 In Season


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  • a great show

    I really like the quirky cars they choose! (the KB200 was classic, if a bit expensive) I'd like them to take on more older sports cars like the Opel GT, or the Saab Sonnet (any series II or III)
  • We spend all out time watching Wheelers Dealers saying "Oh POOR Ed!!"

    I watch every episode and LOVE it! I sure would like to buy one of these cars from you as you never figure Ed's labor into your cost invested into the car! You really make nothing on them! We just watch Ed work his butt off while Mike has a good time. Ed you should get Mike under one of these cars and see what work is really like! Thanks for the fun and thanks Ed for all the ideas and suggestions you give. I don't think I will live without a "Flatliner"! And, of course, thanks for teaching me the English car language. a wing, really? 8>)}
  • More than just entertaining

    Ok let's keep in mind this IS cable. Sure the numbers may not add up, but do they have too? Mike and Ed play their rolls exactly the way they are supposed to. Mike is a very good "used car salesman" and I say that with respect, and Ed is NO JOKE, this guy knows cars. I learn something from Ed every time I watch the show. I work on American cars most of the time but a lot of what he does is just general repair. Ed uses a lot of tricks and techniques that are helpful in any garage. I also like the fact that there isn't a lot of wasted time on silly antics that you see on some of the other car shows (which I do enjoy but sometimes the "reality" antics gets annoying after awhile and you just want to watch someone fix a car) and Ed does a good job explaining himself. All in all it's a very good show.
  • Unmissable

    I love this show. Ed is so knowledgeable, and Mike just gets better and better.
  • Bangers to Beauties


    This show is an entertainment show and isn't supposed to be taken seriously, obviously they don't really make any money, but they assume the watcher understands this. The show is all about love, the love of cars that is. The two presenters, Mike Brewer; a former car salesman, and engineer and mechanic - Ed China, find classic cars and bring them back to their former glory. The guys usually get 5 grand or there abouts to buy and restore a car, in the hopes of making a return, but mainly it's just to get the car, beloved by so many, back on the roads, with a loving owner to take care of it. The presenters are charismatic and have great chemistry. If you're a petrol head, you'll love this

  • the one and only darry miller

    dear mike and ed just recenly got cable and i have been watching you i find your show very insepring most of the people here in the united states are trying to get rich off a restored car i have notice the work you do is top of the list. i really like the way ed takes an old and make it look new again and when mike buys or sales he not trying to beat no one up i just a poor boy from ok and gonna keep on watching you. over all the rest thank you for being so inspering your friend darry miller . if you even come across the waters again there is a spare bedroom here so you want have to pay hotel rates.
  • Love Mike, Ed and this show!

    I just love this show! Never would I think that watching a guy buy cars and have his partner fix them up to sell would be so fun! These two love cars; they are both great on camera, and there is never a boring minute. I eagerly wait for their next "find". Thank you Mike and Ed.
  • Not for real!!!!

    Good concept as Mike Brewer buys a car at the "right price" and Super Ed fixes it up. It all works well for TV but in real life it does not add up. Why? They would never make a profit as Super Eds time is not costed. i have seen lots of the programs and unless you are a trained mechanic and painter and you have loads of free time on your hands its a no. At a low estimate of 40 an hour most of the episodes would have extra cost of 1000 to 1500 extra so they would lose money on the sale every time. Having said all that its good fun but just not real life.