Wheelie and the Chopper Bunch

NBC (ended 1975)


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Wheelie and the Chopper Bunch

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Welcome to the Wheelie And The Chopper Bunch guide at TV.com.

With the success of Speed Buggy on CBS, NBC had Wheelie & The Chopper Bunch (both Hanna-Barbera series). All the characters were vehicles, no humans.

Wheelie's a 1974 red Volkswagen that only communicated with beeping horns as well as his windshield wipers. His girlfriend's name Rota Ree (a parody name of High Rollers hostess, Ruta Lee).

Causing trouble was a 4 member motorcycle gang called The Chopper Bunch. They would always try to get Wheelie into traps, but would always backfire (ala Coyote-Road Runner). Chopper was the leader with Hi-Riser (a tall bike), Revs (a three-wheeled motorcycle) & Scrambles (a mini bike). Scrambles would always rub it in to Chopper saying, "I told you, I told you!"

Three 6 minute episodes per 30 minute series.