Wheelie and the Chopper Bunch

Season 1 Episode 27

Camping With a Go Go

Aired Saturday 8:30 AM Mar 08, 1975 on NBC

Episode Recap

Wheelie and Rota are taking Rota's nephew, Go Go, on a camping trip. Chopper and his bunch hear them and try to grab Go Go, but when Go Go's pack lets go, it smacks the Chopper bunch.

Wheelie, Rota, and Go Go set up the tent and the Chopper bunch runs over it. Go Go redoes the tent and ties it to a tree and this time the Chopper bunch tries again and are flung off. Chopper and his bunch try several more time to mess up the camping trip and wind up getting the worst of it and get in trouble with the park ranger. They wind up running from the ranger and are caught in a geyser called "Old Tankful" and won't be able to get down for two hours. Rota is thankful for at least two hours of peace and quiet.