Wheelie and the Chopper Bunch

Season 1 Episode 25

Carfucios Says

Aired Saturday 8:30 AM Feb 22, 1975 on NBC



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    • Scrambles: I told ya! I told ya!
      Chopper: Ouch! I know.
      Scrambles: Eep! I told ya! I told ya!
      Chopper: I know.
      Scrambles: I told ya! I told ya!
      Chopper: Piffle your fuel!

    • (the Chopper Bunch tried going in the middle of the parade to find Wheelie and are being popped with firecrackers)
      Rota: You say that firecrackers drive away evil spirits, does that include evil spirited vehicles?
      Carfucious: Carfucious says "If the tire fits, wear it."

    • (Wheelie startles the Chopper Bunch and they run into a paper dragon)
      Chopper: Oh boy, what a bunch of scaredy cat clunkers we are.

    • (the Chopper bunch is startled by a paper dragon)
      Hi Riser: Gee, the sight of that thing almost gave me a carburetor attack!

    • Carfucious: Carfucious says "A detour a day keeps the Chopper Bunch away."

    • Hi Riser: Hey, that was a tricky move.
      Chopper: The wall opened up!
      (a trap door open below the Chopper Bunch)
      Scrambles: Yeah, just like the floor!
      (they fall into water)

    • Revs: I'm so mad, I'm about to glow a basket...Grow a casket...Blow a gasket!

    • Carfucious: Carfucious says "Reckless passing leads to wrecks and crashes."

    • Hi Riser: Hey, that's pretty good. Reckless passing leads to wrecks and crashing.
      Chopper: Oh yeah! Well Chopper says "They'd better run 'cause we've just begun."

    • Rota: Stop it, Chopper! Where are your manners?
      Chopper: Manners? Manners? What's that? Is that anything like a manner-fold? (laughs)

    • Carfucious: Carfucious says "Doors of garage always open to cars in need."

    • Carfucious: A heavy problem can be covered by a light shade. (pulls down shade to hide Wheelie and Rota from the Chopper Bunch)

    • Hi Riser: Aren't we going to watch the parade?
      Chopper: Nah, it'll be more fun to make a parade of our own.

    • Scrambles: There they are!
      Revs: Yeah-yeah-yeah. Let's glow...Uh, I mean, snow...I mean, go!

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