Wheelie and the Chopper Bunch

Season 1 Episode 16

The Inspection

Aired Saturday 8:30 AM Dec 21, 1974 on NBC



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    • Rota: Did I pass inspection too, Captain?
      Captain Tuff: Why yes ma'am, your shape is perfect...I mean, you're in perfect shape. Laughs sheepishly)
      Fishtail: That's a 10-4 Captain sir!
      Rota: (giggles) Oh, Captain.

    • Scrambles: I told ya! I told ya!
      Chopper: Oh, seal your gaskets.

    • Chopper: There's the inspection station, let's barrel on through.
      Fishtail: When I mean stop, (activates a brick wall to pop up and the Chopper bunch smashes into it) I mean stop!

    • Hi Riser: He'll fly to the moon.
      Revs: Just like a socket...I mean, rocket.

    • Revs: We're in a bubble...Uh, I mean we're in trouble.

    • Scrambles: Boy, he's really steamed up!

    • Captain Tough: I want you to stop every car and inspect everybody. Have you got that, Officer Fishtail?
      Fishtail: Yes sir, Captain Tuff. Yes sir!
      Captain Tough: Check everything. Lights, mufflers, tires, brakes...
      Fishtail: Oh, yes sir!
      Captain Tough: And for any violation, I don't care show it is, I want you to write him a ticket.
      Fishtail: Right on, Captain sir. (writes ticket)
      Captain Tough: What's this?
      Fishtail: Uh, a ticket for you, sir. You have a smooth front tire.

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