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    Submission Guidelines for "When Louis Met..."

    I'm not going to write a long, pedantic list of submission guidelines as I don't really see much point in doing so. Experienced TV.Comers know what kind of thing to submit, and with regard to new users: if it's good it'll be accepted, if it isn't it won't be! Simple as that! However, do read the main rules before submitting.

    Don't stick to these too strictly, if you feel like something should be added to the guide then submit it: the worst that can happen is that it'll be rejected.

    1. Allusions

    These are probably the one thing on TV.Com that gets incorrectly submitted the most. An allusion is a passing reference to an existing form of media, be it a TV show, a movie, a book etc. It is not a direct reference. Take this example from The King Of Queens :

    "Educating Doug": this is an episode name that is a pun on the name of the film Educating Rita. This is an allusion to this movie/

    "He has a good routine: comes home, dinner with his Mom, Babylon 5, then bed": this is not an allusion as it is a direct reference to Babylon 5.

    2. Trivia

    Trivia is any small detail or goof which a casual viewer may not notice. It refers to on screen events. For example,

    "In this episode Carly announces she has an Uncle, however in the Pilot episode she said she didn't have any uncles or aunts"

    This is not trivia, but a note:

    "This episode was watched by 8 million viewers"

    3. Notes

    A note is any thing attached to a show relating to its production. For example,

    "This episode was watched by 8 million viewers"

    It is worth remembering that you cannot submit Neilsen ratings to a guide, as they are copyrighted. However, the total number of viewers an episode received is acceptable.


    Pretty obvious what a quote is:

    Joe: You didn't!

    Joanna: Oh, I just did!

    Always make sure the colon isn't bolded.

    5. Episode Summary

    A summary should be a brief sum up of what happened in an episode, but should not contain any spoilers or plot twist. Think of the type of summaries you see in various TV guides.

    6. Episode Recap

    The episode recap should be relatively long piece of prose detailing the episode, complete with spoilers. It is intended to be a recap for people who missed a particular episode.

    7. Sources

    If you are submitting new information please include a source in the user comments! If you don't I cannot accept it, unless I've seen the information somewhere else myself. Obviously quotes do not need a source.

    This set of guidelines is by no means complete. Do not be afraid to submit something, the worst that can happen is that it will be rejected!

    The more details about submitting please see these official guidelines at the TV.Com Help Centre .

    Thanks for reading and get submitting!

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