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  • 9/26/06
    Rena takes the school hostage using a homemade bomb and demands the police investigate the Sonozaki family's connection to Oyashiro-sama's curse. Can Keiichi save his classmates from being burned alive?
  • 9/19/06
    Rena tells Oishi that aliens are behind the mysterious murders - and they're planning a massive biological attack on Hinamizawa. Has she gone mad, or does Rena have an evil agenda of her own?
  • 9/12/06
    When Rena confides her tragic past to Takano, who seems to know the cause behind her strange behavior, he hands her a scrapbook containing the evil conspiracy theories behind Oyashiro-sama's curse.
  • 9/5/06
    After Rena learns of Rina's plot to extort money from her father, a confrontation at a deserted landfill triggers another disastrous chain of events.
  • 8/29/06
    At school, Rena's attitude brings smiles to everyone around her - but things are different at home. Her mother left the family for another man, and she worries her father's new girlfriend is only after his money.
  • 8/22/06
    Shion embraces the demon that dwells inside her. In the secret underground shrine, she tortures anyone she believes is involved with Satoshi's disappearance; her madness has become unstoppable.
  • 8/15/06
    Shion becomes a devil determined for vengeance after her interrogation of the mayor, Kimiyoshi, confirms her suspicions about who's behind Satoshi's disappearance.
  • 8/8/06
    Shion wants revenge after Satoshi's disappearance. When she overhears Mion and Oryo discussing recent murders, she vows to expose the secret crimes of those who rule the village.
  • With the family code broken and Satoshi gone, Shion confronts Mion and finds that her reckless behavior was causing more suffering to the people around her than she realized.
  • 7/25/06
    Hoping to end their misery forever, Satoshi devises a drastic plan to protect Satoko from their abusive aunt. But Shion's feelings for Satoshi are intensifying, and she's soon to trigger a tragic chain of events.
  • 7/18/06
    Shion has been forced to live far from Mion, due to a legend that says twins will bring tragedy to their family. When she secretly returns to Hinamizawa and meets Satoshi, her life is changed forever.
  • 7/11/06
    Akasaka and Oishi rescue the kidnapped child, though not without severe sacrifices. But Oishi is bothered more by a hunch that someone - or something - is secretly controlling recent events.
  • 7/5/06
    The grandson of an official on the Hinamizawa dam project is abducted, and Akasaka arrives to investigate. Rika offers him a warning: leave the village immediately or soon face regret.
  • 6/28/06
    Has everything been an illusion? When Keiichi heads to Teppei's house and finds Satoko in need of medical help, he becomes convinced: the curse of Oyashiro-sama is causing these misfortunes.
  • 6/21/06
    After strange encounters with Takano, Dr. Irie, and Inspector Oishi, Keiichi is tormented and questioning whether a particular incident actually occurred. Is he losing his grip on reality?
  • 6/14/06
    In the aftermath of Satoko's traumatic breakdown, Keiichi decides extreme measures are needed to save her from the abuse of her uncle. On the night of the town festival, he lures Teppei out of his house.
  • 6/7/06
    Satoko's violent uncle Teppei is back in town, and she's been missing class. Keiichi witnesses the physical abuse inflicted upon Satoko - and her damaged psyche may have reached the breaking point.
  • 5/31/06
    Keiichi hears the odd circumstances surrounding Satoko's older brother, Satoshi. It seems he simply left the village, but when Keiichi mentions Satoshi to Shion and Rena, each reacts in an unusual manner.
  • 5/24/06
    After Rena and Keiichi confront Mion about Rika and Satoko, chilling revelations shed light on the dark origins of Hinamizawa - origins that include cursed blood lines and demonic possessions.
  • 5/17/06
    Keiichi indirectly confesses to Rika about sneaking into the forbidden shrine, and his admission may have put Rika and Satako's lives in danger. Soon after, the girls go missing.
  • 5/10/06
    After sneaking into a sacred shrine with Keiichi and Shion, Tomitake and Takano are reported dead. Could it be that Keiichi and Shion will be the next victims of Oyashiro-sama's curse?
  • 5/3/06
    Keiichi meets a pretty waitress who introduces herself as Shion - the younger twin sister of Mion. He's definitely skeptical and believes it's a trick, but Keiichi plays along.
  • Unnerved by Rena and Mion's menacing behavior, Keiichi begins to distance himself from his former friends - but it might be too late. On the way home from school, Keiichi is attacked!
  • Keiichi learns his classmates knew of his secret meeting with Oishi and discovers disturbing information about Rena's past. As his paranoia escalates, it becomes clear that someone is trying to kill him!
  • The police ask Keiichi to be an informant after an acquaintance of his is found dead. When Keiichi accuses Rena of withholding information, she cryptically tells him that everyone has secrets to hide.
  • Keiichi adapts to rural life in Hinamizawa by befriending cute classmates Rena, Mion, Satoko, and Rika - but he's appalled to learn of a gruesome murder in the village's past.
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