When Things Were Rotten

ABC (ended 1975)





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  • If only 9 year olds had been ABC's prime demographic for this show, it would prolly still be on.

    As a 9-year-old, I loved this show. I loved all the characters, and I got to do a little reverse history of my own by later watching Mr. Gautier on Get Smart as Hymie the CONTROL Robot.

    Of course I had no idea why they stopped showing it, just like Quark on CBS (another kid fav). As an adult, I am sure it was positively painful to watch, hence only one season, but today, it would be awesome to see this again on DVD.

    I guess I will candidly admit that my favorite character was Maid Marian. Even at 9 years old, she had a positive effect on me. (Thank you Ms. Rowe.)
  • History by Mel Brooks.

    This was Mel Brooks' take on the legend of Robin Hood; only in this version, Robin was a vain boob, and his band of Merry Men were a bunch of idiotic incompetents. The humor came fast and furious, and anachronisms ruled. The cast was excellent, and guest stars like Sid Caesar, Dudley Moore, and Lanie Kazan really added to the fun. Unfortunately, When Things Were Rotten never found its audience, and was canceled after 13 episodes. A damn shame, if you ask me.