When Things Were Rotten

Season 1 Episode 12

The Spy (Part 2)

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Nov 26, 1975 on ABC

Episode Recap

The Merry Men find they can't really bring themselves to lynch Renaldo and grant him a trial. Marian presides as judge, Little John is prosecutor and Alan is defence attorney. Subtle hints throughout the trial, such as the jury throwing a tomato in Renaldo's face and covering their ears when he prepares to give testimony, show just how fair the trial is. Renaldo's defence is further impeded when he refuses to tell Alan the whole story; only that he is working as a double agent for Robin on a secret mission. Things get worse when they find an incriminating note from the Sheriff in Renaldo's saddle bags. And worse still when Renaldo pleads for them to wait for Robin to show, but ends up suspected of foul play against him when it was revealed that Robin never showed up at his grandmother's (Robin's cover story). Renaldo is found guilty and an appeal fails. He is sentenced to hang.

Just then, Robin's horse turns up riderless, and Renaldo declares that Robin must have failed to reach Richard. When he is pressed on the matter, he is forced to explain everything. He did not tell them before because Robin did not want the Sheriff to suspect they knew his plot against Richard. Little John calls him stupid. They all head to Dover Beach to save Richard.

Meanwhile, Robin has been rescued and nursed back to health by a band of gypsies. But he has lost too much time to reach France. Now he must head for Dover Beach instead. The gypsies come too; they may be light fingered, but they will do anything for Richard.

At Dover Beach, Prince John, the Sheriff, Bertram and their men see Richard on the beach. But when they approach him, they discover it is a decoy – Robin posing as Richard. The gypsies help Robin with the ensuing sword fight, and then the Merry Men arrive to join in.

The Sheriff breaks off from the fight when he sees the real Richard arriving and dashes to intercept him. But he is too late – Richard arrives and the umpire declares him "safe". Richard heads straight off to go back to his Crusades.

Robin and the Merry Men celebrate with the gypsies, but decline learning the gypsy dance, "the hustle", which requires you put your hand in your partner's pocket. But they do clean up before heading off to keep England beautiful.