Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego?

Season 5 Episode 21

A Frank Case of Theft

Aired Unknown Nov 06, 1995 on PBS



  • Trivia

    • Locations in the Pacific Ocean:

      Bikini Atoll
      San Andreas Fault (Warrant)
      Panama Canal
      Challenger Deep
      Coral Sea Basin
      Baja California (Contessa)
      Alaska Peninsula
      Chinook Trough
      Great Barrier Reef (House)
      Hawaiian Islands
      East Pacific Rise
      Japan Trench
      Emperor Seamounts
      Int'l Date Line
      Easter Island

  • Quotes

    • Carmen: This is no time for shopping, Contessa. ACME's on to us. Hide out in Asmara. It's the capital of an African country on the Red Sea.
      Contessa: Asmara? Oh, the name sounds almost Italian, but Italy's not on the Red Sea.
      Carmen: Why, Contessa! Using your head for something besides big hats? Yes, Asmara's in a country that was occupied by Italy for a long time, and the Italian influence is still strong.
      Contessa: Oh, I can taste the cappuccino already!
      Carmen: And the pizza and the pasta. You'll also find elegant villas, palaces, and charming cafes. Italy left this country over 50 years ago, but there's still a small Italian community living in Asmara.
      Contessa: Ah, Italian style. It never goes out of fashion.

    • Top of the Ocean

      (Rockapella sings to the tune of "Top of the World")
      (Jeff does a quick percussion solo)
      Scott: Gumshoe clue is comin' over me.
      And he wants you to look down under the sea.
      Off the coast of Guam,
      Where the water's sometimes warm.
      There's a valley kind of thing 7 miles deep.
      Explorers oughta reach its deep, dark floor.
      You might ask yourself "What would they do that for?".
      They might find some living things.
      All your knowledge is my dream.
      'Cause you know no one's been down that far before.
      I'm on the...
      All: Top of the Ocean, lookin'
      Down on Contessa,
      And her looting's unsuccessful. You will find.
      Better rent a submarine
      To bring back that thievin' queen.
      And we'll put you on the Top of the World.
      Scott: And we'll...
      All: ...Put you on the Top of the World.
      (they notice a big fish)
      All: Dive.
      (they set off fast)

    • Contessa: This prison food is so dreadfully boring! I can't even get a jar of Grey Poupon! Maybe Carmen could help, but she's in Europe. Go find her.

  • Notes

    • This episode was filmed on June 28, 1995.

    • Clue Informants:

      Joe Regalbuto from Murphy Brown
      The Word on the Street (w/Rockapella dressed as characters from The Odyssey)
      Rockapella (parodying the Carpenters' "Top of the World")

  • Allusions