Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego?

Season 2 Episode 1

Disturbing the Heavenly Peace

Aired Unknown Sep 08, 1992 on PBS



  • Quotes

    • Conrad Knuckle: (as the Chief) Greg, in my office, on the double.
      Greg: Okay, Chief. I'll be right there. You guys stay here. I wanna check with her. Gotta fix that sound. (enters the Chief's office) Chief, what's up?
      Conrad: Greg, what's the latest on Carmen Sandiego?
      Greg: Whoa, Chief. (imitates Conrad) "What's the latest on Carmen Sandiego?". (normal voice) You sound kinda weird today. What's with your voice?
      Conrad: Well, Greg, that's because I'm not myself.
      Greg: Okay, if you're not yourself,... then who are ya?!
      Conrad: I'm Conrad Knuckle, joint director for E.M.C.A., another anti-crime agency.
      Greg: EMCA? Hey, wait a minute, that's ACME spelled backwards.
      Conrad: Yes. I've taken over the Chief's mind for awhile.
      Greg: Well, when are you gonna stop being Conrad Knuckle, (furiously) and start being my beloved Chief again?!
      Conrad: All right! As soon as I make this offer to your gumshoes. My organization, EMCA, will send whoever catches Carmen on a free trip to the sausage packing room of Mueller's meat company in Beaver Dam, Wisconsin.
      Greg: Gee, Conrad, that's a nice offer, but it's not really the ACME way. I'm not sayin' it's a bad deal or anything. I'm just--
      Conrad: What do you suggest?
      Greg: Well, how about offering a trip to anywhere in North America to the gumshoe who captures Carmen Sandiego?
      Conrad: Hmm, yeah. That might be better incentive than the meat thing. Okay. Anywhere in North America, it is.
      Greg: Great.
      Conrad: Now, to get me to leave the Chief's body, you must hit my shoulder repeatedly with a squeaky toy hammer.
      Greg: Well, what a coincidence. (pulls one out of his jacket) Just happen to have one right here.
      (starts hitting the shoulder)
      Chief: Greg! What on earth are you doing?!
      Greg: Chief, you're back. Hi. See, your body was filled with Conrad Knuckle. He's the head of EMCA which is still good guys, but it's ACME spelled backwards, and he said I, uh, had to hit you with this. (hands the Chief the hammer) I'm gonna go-- Glad you're back.
      (exits the office)
      Greg: (in feminine voice) Okay. Back to work.
      (he reacts and hits himself with a hammer)
      Greg: (normal voice) Okay. Back to work.