Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego?

Season 2 Episode 59

I Lost Lucy

Aired Unknown Dec 17, 1992 on PBS
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I Lost Lucy
Top Grunge steals "Lucy", a 3-million-year-old hominid.

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      • Carmen: Grunge, those ACME agents have picked up your scent. Hop on the Alaska State Ferry.
        Grunge: (Coughs) Uh, I'm already on the ferry. But when I got aboard, everybody jumped ship.
        Carmen: Great. Sail it to the first stop. Its nickname is First City. The logging industry is big, and your odor could clear a forest without lifting an axe.
        Grunge: Gee, I forgot my mucklucks. How will I walk through the snow?
        Carmen: It's in Southeastern Alaska, Grunge. Snow's not a problem--it's rain. Some years, more than sixteen feet of it.
        Grunge: Uh-oh, all that water. If I don't watch out, I might get clean! (Coughs)

      • Greg: Hello?
        Dennis Miller: Hello. Greg? Dennis Miller. Look, I've got a little message for you and your putty-boots, pal.
        Greg: They're gumshoes.
        Dennis: I don't care if their horseshoes, cha-cha. Okay? Listen. There's a pan-global kleptomaniac in a slouch hat running around out there, and it's time you did something about it. I know trilobytes who are closer to... catching Carmen Sandiego than you. Your laurels are creasing, Greggo. It's time to stop resting on them, pal. (hangs up)
        Greg: Nice guy. Dennis Miller, my good buddy.

      • Grunge Loves Lucy

        Barry: Tres! Cuatro!
        Scott: (to the tune of the "I Love Lucy" theme song) Grunge loves Lucy, and there they went.
        Dinosaur National Monument.
        That's where the creep took the skelly-ton.
        He's such a VILE, nasty smelly-ton.
        He wants to take her to ski at Vale.
        Toss that big, wheezing crook in jail.
        Check Pueblo out for the Grunge path!
        And please...
        Oh, won't you please?
        Oh, won't you give...
        Sean: Oh, won't you please give ol' Lucy a great, big, beautiful sponge...
        All: BATH!!!
        Greg: Rockapella, ladies and gentlemen, if you will, please!

      • Grunge: Hey! I've got some good dirt for ya. Then again, all dirt is good. Anyway, Carmen Sandiego is in South America. (sneezes)

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