Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego?

PBS (ended 1995)





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  • Funny and intelligent game show for kids of all ages.

    When this show started in the early 1990s, it was a bolt out of the blue. There were geography questions, but in a fun atmosphere like "Double Dare." Contestants had to figure out where an evil criminal mastermind and her henchmen had taken various artifacts from around the world. As you solved the case, you had to learn all sorts of things about the places the suspects went to. It was the perfect way to teach things and still be refreshing and funny. Highlights of the show were Lynne Thigpen, the chief of the bureau, the host Greg Lee and the vocal performances of Rockapella. They have released many games based on the show, as well as an animated series, but we need DVDs of the original live-action game show. There was so much original material, it's far different from any other show of its kind. At least it deserves a revival on the Game Show Network. Viewers of any age will have a good time with this.