Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego?

PBS (ended 1995)





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  • Can you believe it? A show that makes education fun?

    Before the Warner Brothers (and Warner Sister) belting out geographically-based lyrics, many fans uttered the saying, "Do it Rockapella"! Following that, the acapella group--Rockapella--would sing the theme song that asks the vexying question as to just Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego?

    With Rockapella proving the musical score, funnyman Greg Lee acting as a trainer to new recruits, and Lynne Thigpen as The Cheif, The A.C.M.E Detective Agency sought out new opporatives to aid it in its cause to catch the crafty crime queen with a fiendish fashion taste in latina-bred ex-A.C.M.E officer, Carmen Isabella Sandiego (along with her horde of heniously horrendous heathens).

    As the gameshow based upon a game started, Greg would ask the new recruits questions as to where the crook-of-the-day took their stolen loot (that was often some historical artifact).

    Finally, the two contestants with the best scores moved on to the next round, which required only one of them to find out (in order) where the loot, a warrant for the crook's arrest, and the crook themselves were located.

    Upon doing this and bagging the crook-of-the-day, the winning contestant had a chance to catch Carmen.

    Were they victorious in busting Miss Sandiego (which to do so, they would've had to locate six to eight geographical locations on a map within a limited number of seconds), the contestant would be flown to somewhere around the world (with the later seasons--probably due to PBS funding, as the show was broadcast on public television--restricting the trip to only the lower 48 states within the United States), but should Carmen elude them, they wouldn't go empty handed, for not only would they be upgraded from Gumshoe to Slueth by way of a cool Sleuth jacket, they would get everything the earlier contestants who've lost received (a Carmen shirt, a Carmen CD, a Carmen voice recorder, a portable globe, and issues of National Geographic World magazine...given that each bankrolled case was to be verified by National Geographic World for reasons of historical and geographical accuracy).

    Nowadays, the show itself could require a revival, considering how most people now cannot even locate world places that are discussed heavily through news reports on your average map, but I digress, because Carmen and her V.I.L.E legion of lackeys would be in hiding once again, Greg Lee is all but retired, The Cheif has now passed on to that preverbial big front office in the sky, and Rockapella's members have since changed since the days of the show. Still, because of the show's fan following, who cannot feel compelled to ask just Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego? sometimes?
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