Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego?

Season 3 Episode 10

Roaring Rodent Road Show

Aired Unknown Oct 08, 1993 on PBS
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Roaring Rodent Road Show
Wonder Rat steals Cody, Wyoming.

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    Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


    • TRIVIA (2)

      • Locations in Alexandria, Egypt:

        Hotel Cecil
        Muhammad Ali Statue
        The Catacombs
        Greco-Roman Museum (Wonder Rat)
        Ramis Tram Station
        Montazah Gardens
        Liberation Square
        Fort Qait Bey
        Alexander's Tomb Site
        Cleopatra Beach
        Temple of Isis Ruins (Warrant)
        Alexandria Zoo (Cody)
        Ras El Tin Palace
        Pompey's Pillar
        Marine Life Institute

      • In the Jailtime Challenge when Wonder Rat is first revealed on the first turn, Rockapella say "Taken township!" instead of "Wonder Rat!".

    • QUOTES (3)

      • Chief: Greg, get in here. Right now.
        Greg: Okay, Chief. I'm comin'. This must really be important. If you guys just excuse me just one moment. I wanna check in here. Be right back. (enters the office, where the Chief has a large piece of celery on her desk) Yeah, Chief?
        Chief: Greg, what is the meaning of this?!
        Greg: What's the meaning of what, Chief?
        Chief: Well, I came back from a meeting, and this celery was on my desk.
        Greg: Oh, I don't know, Chief, but that is strange.
        Chief: Yeah.
        Greg: I mean usually, they give ya dip. How unusual to have celery with no dip.
        Chief: Oh, Greg!
        Greg: (picks up a piece of paper) Found this on the floor.
        Chief: Oh, that's probably the memo about the home viewer contest.
        Greg: Oh, yeah. Hey, let's show 'em who won today.
        (the contest winners are revealed)
        Chief: And if you want to win, every time you watch the show, write down what got stolen and from where. And when you've collected 4 loots and locations, put them on a postcard with your name and address, and send them to ACME Crime Net, P.O. Box 4300, New York, NY 10163.
        Greg: Every day, we'll pick 5 people whose lists are correct and send 'em a Carmen T-Shirt. Just like it says here. Wait a minute, this is from ACME Payroll Net. It says "Because of your hard work, we are awarding you a large salary increase."
        Chief: (takes the memo) Let me see that. Oh, those bozos made a typo! They meant to type "salary", meaning what I get paid, but they typed "celery", and this is what I got!
        Greg: Come on, Chief. Would ya please look on the bright side, please?
        Chief: The bright side?
        Greg: Yes.
        Chief: There's a HUGE vegetable on my desk, and no dip!
        Greg: Chief, listen. Any dope can get a salary increase. Okay? But you! You've got a huge immense piece of celery! Look at this. You can put peanut butter in here. Cream cheese. It's refreshing. Even cleans your teeth. Now, it could've been a lot worse, Chief.
        Chief: How?
        Greg: Could've been a potato. And we all know what that means. Hmm? (exits the office and returns to HQ while being followed by Sean, who is carrying a piece of celery) Okay, guys. Remember, we're still looking for Wonder Rat and Cody, Wyoming. You know, it is the strangest thing all day today. I've had the feeling that someone has been stalking me.
        (Sean leaves)

      • Carmen: Go to a large city in the central European region called Moravia in the Czech Republic. It's home to an infamous prison, where legend says that Emperor Joseph II had himself tied to the ceiling of a cell.
        Wonder Rat: Geez, those political types will do anything for publicity.
        Carmen: That wasn't the reason. Supposedly, he wanted to see how bad life was for prisoners at Špilberk Castle. After being tied for an hour, he decided to improve prison conditions.
        Wonder Rat: Only an hour? Gee, the next time ACME nabs me, I'll ask for the Emperor Joseph jail term. (giggles)

      • Wonder Rat: All right! Now I can sell my prison memoirs and make a zillion! Get Carmen in here so she can make me a publishin' deal. She's hidin' out in North America.

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