Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego?

Season 4 Episode 35

The Acropolis Topple Fuss

Aired Unknown Nov 25, 1994 on PBS
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The Acropolis Topple Fuss
Eartha Brute steals the Acropolis from Athens, Greece.

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    Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


    • TRIVIA (1)

      • Locations in Geneva, Switzerland:

        Lake Geneva
        Three Country Corner
        St. Moritz
        Int'l Red Cross Museum
        Palace of Nations
        The Matterhorn
        St. Bernard Tunnel (Warrant)
        Simplon pass
        Cantonal Yodeling Festival
        Jura Mountains
        Charlie Chaplin Monument (Acropolis)
        Wagner Museum
        Trummelbach Falls
        Glacier Gardens (Eartha)
        Rhône River

    • QUOTES (2)

      • Chief: (in a depressed tone) Greg, would you come in here, please?
        Greg: Well, sure, Chief. I'll be right there. You know what, this is weird, but I've never seen her this upset. I'll be right back. Hold on. (enters the office where she is packing her things) Chief, what are you doing?
        Chief: What does it look like I'm doing? I'm packing my bags.
        Greg: But, Chief, listen. The Office Wiener-Roast isn't for a couple of months yet! What are you, uh--
        (helps the Chief pack her hat rack)
        Chief: Well, I've been let go.
        Greg: Let go of what, Chief?
        Chief: My job! (sobs) I'm no longer the Chief! They've given me a promotion! It's a disaster!
        Greg: Well, I'm-- I'm not following you, Chief.
        Chief: Well, it's really quite simple, Greg.
        Greg: Yeah.
        Chief: See, they made you the new Chief!
        Greg: This is a disaster. There must be some mistake here. Tell you what, Chief. I'm gonna make a few calls. You go ahead and do the contest on your own. Okay?
        Chief: All right. If you want to win, write down got stolen and from where, every time you watch the show. When you've collected 4 loots and locations, put them on a postcard with your name and address, and send it to ACME Crime Net, P.O. Box 4300, New York, NY 10163. (packs a big plastic pickle) Every day, we'll pick 5 people whose lists are correct and send them each a Carmen T-Shirt. Here're the winners for today.
        (the contest winners are revealed)
        Greg: Okay, thanks a lot. And congratulations to all the winners. Okay. (hangs up the phone) It's done.
        Chief: I can stay?!
        Greg: That's right! You can stay, but you know, 'til they process all the paperwork, I'm still technically the Chief.
        Chief: Greg?
        Greg: So-- Yeah?
        Chief: Go away.
        Greg: Okay.
        (exits the office)
        Chief: Here you go.
        (she hangs up a hang-up turkey)
        (Greg returns to HQ, and sees that Pinch has taken over as the host)
        Pinch: Okay, Gumshoes, it's time for one of my favorite parts of the show. It's time for the Thunder Round!
        Greg: Pinch! Pinch! Pinch! Pinch! What's the deal?
        Pinch: I'm the new host.
        Greg: (laughs) We gotta talk.
        Greg and Pinch: Phone Tap.

      • Eartha: (groans) This prison gym is terrible! I can only bench press 1,000 pounds! Make Carmen bring me more weights. You'll find her in Africa.

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