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Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego?

Season 1 Episode 8

The Case of the False-False Teeth

Aired Unknown Oct 09, 1991 on PBS
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Episode Summary

The Case of the False-False Teeth
Patty Larceny steals George Washington's false teeth from the Smithsonian Institute in Washington, D.C.

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    Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


    • TRIVIA (1)

      • Locations in Zaire:

        Copper Mines
        Virunga Park
        Post Office
        International Airport (Warrant)
        Zaire River
        Kahuzi-Biega (Patty)
        Lubumbashi Center
        Downtown Kinshasa
        Lofoi Waterfalls
        Lake Edward
        Ferry Station
        Botanical Gardens
        Golf Course
        Central Market (Dentures)

    • QUOTES (3)

      • Chief: Greg, have you seen the headlines today?
        Greg: No.
        (the Chief shows him the front page of the newspaper)
        Chief: "ACME Crimenet Going Nowhere Fast"! We are the laughingstock of the entire law enforcement community! Gumshoes! You've got to get Carmen Sandiego. Now, if you do, I'll give you a free trip anywhere in the lower 48 States.
        Greg: Jeez. Good move, Chief. I mean, nice job, but we can't afford any kinda problems like that. I mean, we gotta stay on this straight and narrow. Can't have any kinda problems like that with the P.R. goin', because I mean one thing like that...
        Chief: Go away!
        Greg: Yes, ma'am.
        (he exits the office)

      • Patty: Carmen, these teeth are grossing me out! Why didn't you give this job to Top Grunge?
        Carmen: Quit your whining, Patty. You have to move fast. Head for Africa's second largest country. It's on the Mediterranean coast.
        Patty: But I don't even know anyone in Africa!
        Carmen: I have a close friend who'll meet you. She'll be wearing a veil.
        Patty: A veil? Is that what all the women wear?
        Carmen: Only the strict Muslims. They believe it's improper to be in public unless they cover their lower face. Now stop with the questions. You just have to go.

      • Voice: Greg! Greg, who's that?
        Greg: Right here? This is... This is Scott. We had a little... We had a little problem. We normally have a service that comes in and...
        Voice: I see. Wanna see something special?
        Greg: Yeah. Yeah.
        Voice: Watch this.
        Greg: Okay.
        Voice: Yo! Yo! Scott! Rise.
        (Scott gets back on his feet, alive)
        Scott: Whoo! I feel great!
        Greg: Ladies and gentlemen, Scott, the Dying Informant, is alive!
        (the audience cheers and applauds as Scott returns to the alley)

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