Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego?

Season 3 Episode 17

The Glacier Erasure

Aired Unknown Oct 19, 1993 on PBS
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Episode Summary

The Glacier Erasure
Vic the Slick steals the Perito Moreno Glacier.

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  • Well Done for Tahare Campbell in this Episode

    When Tahare first appeared on Carmen Sandiego "Gotta Get A Yeti", The clue for the end of the first round was telling the gumshoes about the Odysseus sailed along the coast of Italy. A geographical error was made at the very end of the first round, The map mislabeled the Adriatic Sea as the Aegean Sea. Tahare answered Aegean and he got it wrong and it was the Mediterranean. However, at the very end of the episode when the credits are done, we found out the Tahare's answer in the first was actually right and National Geographic World was wrong. The Odysseus did sailed the Aegean not the Mediterranean. There was a message appearing on the screen explaining that, Due to a factual error in this game Tahare Campbell has been invited to play a new game in our next season. Tahare return for his second appearance in this episode and this time he made to the Jailtime Challenge to nab Vic the Slick and he got him and then he went on to the final round and captured Carmen Sandiego in Asia. The most excited thing happen was, He won the trip to Florida and this was the best time in WITWICS History.moreless
  • Tahare Campell returns in this episode after a geographic error!

    In his 1st WITWICS appearance "Gotta Get A Yeti", at the end of the 1st round, he answered the final clue with Pacific Ocean (which was NOT one of the answers) but later after Tahare was eliminated, we learn that Tahare was right, not National Geographic World. And the episode also featured the most unusual closing off-screen phrase from the Chief of all time. I think he's one of the smartest people in Geography. In the 2nd appearance, he made it all the way to Bonus Round, and caught Carmen in Asia. Tahare did it, and he went off to Florida. One of the best gumshoes we've had.moreless

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    • Greg: (after the office segment) Okay, guys-- (a voice sneezes) Okay. So, see, I came out. The camera guy sneezed. We've paid off the bit. It's a little lame. Go to the Phone Tap.

    • Carmen: They're after you, Vic. Take the glacier to the last African colony to declare independence from Britain. A small landlocked kingdom in southern Africa.
      Vic: Landlocked? This ice is tough haulin' on land, Carmster.
      Carmen: Hire some help. Pay them with emalangeni. That's the country's currency. King Mswati III is pictured on the bills.
      Vic: Hey, maybe I could sell the king this burg, huh?
      Carmen: Can you bargain and speak Swati?
      Vic: Eh, no, but good taste is a universal language.
      Carmen: Then, you're universally illiterate.

    • Vic: Darn that Carmen! I've gone from Salesman of the Century to starchin' socks in the prison laundry. I'm climbin' down the ladder of success. Look for Carmen in Asia.

  • NOTES (2)

    • Gumshoe Tahare Campbell returns due to a geographical error in season 2's Gotta Get a Yeti, and with a bang, as he captures Vic the Slick, and then Carmen Sandiego.

    • Clue Informants:

      The Sneaker
      ACME Home $pending Net
      Chip Fu
      The World Band Radio
      Christopher Hewett from Mr. Belvedere


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