Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego?

Season 5 Episode 13

The Lion Sting

Aired Unknown Oct 25, 1995 on PBS



  • Quotes

    • Sean and Jeff: Hey! Look what we found!
      (they extract from a barrel...)
      Sean and Jeff: A beautiful rose!
      Elliott: Whoa! (extracts link sausage from his vest) And here's that sausage I lost!
      Scott: Whoa!
      Greg: Hey! Nobody move! (picks up a ticket from the ground) I just found the winning lottery ticket!
      Jeff: Get outta town!
      Barry: Wow! Look what I just found... (takes the ticket) in Greg's hand! It's serendipity!
      (he runs off, and the others follow him)
      Sean: Hey, Barr!
      Greg: No. Actually, I believe they call that theft. (heads back into HQ) Don't worry about it. I'll catch up to him soon.