Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego?

Season 3 Episode 39

Tivoli Misery

Aired Unknown Nov 18, 1993 on PBS
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Tivoli Misery
Eartha Brute steals Tivoli Park.

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      • Carmen: Eartha, those ACME agents are closing in. Head for a historical city in Japan.
        Eartha: (gasps) A hysterical city, Carmen?! Why are they so upset?
        Carmen: I said historical city, Eartha! No one's upset! There are hundreds of shrines there and millions of Japanese tourists visit every year.
        Eartha: Geez, they come all the way from Japan? That place must be really special.
        Carmen: Earth to Eartha. This place is in Japan! Now, just get going to Honshû Island.
        Eartha: Carmen, have you been under a lot of stress lately?
        Carmen: Just get going!

      • Chief: (at the end of the 1st round) Uh, big problems here, Greg. Uh, we're out of ACME Travel Kits.
        Greg: Well, Chief, isn't there anything you can do? Huh?
        Chief: Hmm, uh, nope. Sorry.
        Greg: But what about the hologram? You could use the hologram!
        Chief: (gasps) That's a great idea!

      • Eartha: Uh-oh. If Carmen finds out I'm in jail again, I'll get fired for sure! Do me a favor and don't mention that you caught me when you're chasing her through North America.

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