Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego?

Season 2 Episode 55

Tomfoolery in Thailand

Aired Unknown Dec 11, 1992 on PBS
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Tomfoolery in Thailand
Patty Larceny steals the statues of Chan and Mook from Phuket, Thailand.

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      • Greg: (exits the Chief's office) Well, that's what we like here at ACME Crime Net. Cheap and cool gadgets. Okay, guys. (claps, which causes the lights to go out) Back to... w-work. (claps twice, turning the lights back on) Back to work.

      • Greg: What's up, Chief?
        Chief: Well, what's the latest on your quest to capture Carmen Sandiego?
        Greg: We are hot on the t--
        Chief: Good.
        Greg: (sees gadgets on the Chief's desk) Wait, Chief. Where'd ya get this cool stuff?
        Chief: Oh, Greg. ACME Do-Hickey-and-Gadget Net sent them over.
        Greg: This stuff is great!
        Chief: Well, it doesn't take the place of real detective work.
        Greg: Oh, Chief, are you kiddin'? This stuff is cool. You know what this thing is here? This is a dog whistle. You know it's too high for people to hear, but dogs can really hear? It really works. Watch.
        Chief: No. No. It's go--
        (Greg blows on the whistle, but instead of dogs barking, the sounds of hogs squealing is heard)
        Chief: Greg! It's not a dog whistle. It's a hog whistle for our Farm Net agents.
        Greg: No kidding. What will they think of n-- Oh, Chief, look! This is one of those throw-your-voice things! Watch this. Watch.
        (he puts said gadget on his neck)
        Greg's voice: (elsewhere) Hey, Chief, I'm throwin' my voice. No! It's over there. No! It's over here!
        Chief: Greg, will you stop fooling around?!
        Greg: (removes the voice-throw gadget; laughs) It really works! I love it!
        Chief: I just got word that the Gumshoe who captures Carmen Sandiego gets a free trip anywhere in North America. Hmm?
        Chief: Now, make sure they tell the Gumshoes.
        Greg: Okay, Chief. (eyes a pair of shades) Oh, look, Chief. This is the best of all! This is the X-Ray Specs! Look, Chief!
        (he dons the shades)
        Chief: Greg, those shades don't work!
        Greg: Sure, they do!
        Chief: They are based on an optical illusion. They don't really work!
        Greg: Oh, Chief. Yes, they do, Chief. (looks at the Chief's left arm; gasps) Chief?! Where'd you get that snazzy tattoo? What is that? (reads tattoo) "The ACME Triangle of Excellence"?
        Chief: Oh, give me those! (takes the shades) And go away, Greg!
        (Greg exits the office, and the Chief puts on the shades)
        Chief: Well, they don't work! (removes the shades; reacts) How did he see my tattoo?

      • Patty: I just adore these sisters. They're pretty, but they're dangerous. Just like me!
        Carmen: But always remember, dear, they are good guys, and you're a bad guy. Now, listen. Sail off the Rio de la Plata, to the capital of Uruguay. Hide the Heroines behind the Gaucho statue. It's a bronze monument to these hard riding horsemen.
        Patty: I know what Gauchos are. They're cowboys.
        Carmen: That's right, Patty, dear. Now, quit showing off and shove off.

      • Patty: Carmen's still free and I'm not! Well, she can just go to fiddlesticks. Better yet, she can go to jail. To arrest her, go to Asia.

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