Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego?

Season 4 Episode 11

You Ain't Nothin' But a House Thief

Aired Unknown Oct 24, 1994 on PBS
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You Ain't Nothin' But a House Thief
Sarah Nade steals Graceland in Memphis, Tennessee.

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  • This is an another favorite episode of Carmen Sandiego that I like, because when the two remaining gumshoes try to catch Sarah Nade and recover Graceland they capture her in my home city and state of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.moreless

    This is an another favorite episode of Carmen Sandiego that I like, because when the two remaining gumshoes try to catch Sarah Nade and recover Graceland they capture her in my home city and state of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. I'm a big Pittsburgh native myself and I was so glad they capture her there, and the gumshoes even pick out some of my favorite places in Pittsburgh, like the The Fort Pitt Bridge, Mister Rogers' Neighborhood, and Mt. Washington and Arts Festival at Gateway Center, and even Downtown Pittsburgh. I give this episode an another big 10. I love this episode.moreless

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    • Chief: (displays an image of the model neighborhood from Mister Rogers' Neighborhood) Finally, take a stroll through Pittsburgh's most famous neighborhood. Oh, boy. These ariel shots make cars and houses look just like toys. What? They are toys? Oh. Oh, of course! Pittsburgh's most famous neighborhood is the home of Mister Rogers! But this is no time for make-believe, Gumshoes. To Pittsburgh you shall go for the grace of Graceland! Recover Presley's palace, and send Sarah to the Jailhouse Block!

    • Chief: (at the end of the 1st round) ...And our ACME Voice Identification Badge and Leave-a-Message Wallet. (opens it up, revealing an image of herself) Perfect for storing messages. (presses a button and a cow moo is heard) And, uh, the occasional large pet.

    • Chief: Greg, come in here, now!
      (ducks down)
      Greg: Geez, guys, this looks, uh, fairly serious. If you don't mind, hang here. I'll be right back. (enters the office, where the Chief is nowhere in sight) Yeah, Chief? Chief!
      Chief: (pops up from under her desk, startling Greg) Greg, I think I'm losing my mind. (Greg sighs) I can't find my ruler!
      Greg: Chief, calm down. I'll help you look for it.
      (searches under the desk with her; as they search, the Chief's coffee mug is being taken by ants, who sing "The Ants Go Marching")
      Chief: Oh, never mind. I'll just buy a new one.
      Greg: Chief, listen. You hear that?
      Chief: Sounds like singing.
      Greg: Yeah. (sees her muffin moving) Chief, look, your muffin is moving.
      Chief: Oh, Greg, muffins don't move. (they both examine it closely) Well, I'll be. (magnifies the muffin) Those are ants!
      Greg: Chief, those aren't just ants. Those are rare singing ants.
      Chief: Oh, really?
      Greg: Yeah.
      Chief: Well, maybe they can sing about the contest.
      Ants: (sing to the tune of their song) If you want to win, write down what got stolen and from where, every time you watch the show. When you've collected 4 loots and locations, put them on a postcard with your name and address, then send it to ACME Crime Net, P.O. Box 4300, New York, NY 10163.
      Chief: Oh.
      Greg: That's good. That's very good.
      Chief: Now, every day, we'll pick 5 people whose lists are correct and send them each a Carmen T-Shirt. Here's today's winners.
      (the contest winners are revealed)
      Greg and the Chief: Congratulations to the winners.
      Ants: Ready?! EAT!
      (they instantly eat the muffin)
      Greg: Uh, you know, Chief, uh, normally, I know this is the time when you wanna call an exterminator, but, uh, they're so cute. Don't you think? They're cute!
      Chief: Oh, all right. I understand. I can get another muffin.
      Greg: Another muffin.
      Chief: And another ruler.
      Greg: Another ruler.
      Chief: And ano-- (the ants take the desk) Wha--
      Greg: Uh, I'm particularly ambitious today.
      Chief: Oh, I think I better call the bug people.
      Greg: Yeah. (gets up from the desk) Yeah, you do that. (exits the office and returns to HQ, where the ants take the camera) Hey. Hey, don't take the camera. Hey, come on! We got a show to do, guys! Don't take the camera! Come on! (to a cameraman) Go to the Phone Tap. (continues after the ants) Come on!

    • Sarah: Aw, man! This prison is heinous! The guards keep playin' music by Kenny G.! Get Carmen in here before I freak out! She scooted to North America.

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    • Clue Informants:

      The Chief
      Kristian Schmid
      Rockapella (parodying "The Loco-Motion" by Little Eva)
      Mrs. Pumpkinclanger
      The ACME Crime Net Sneaker


    • Title: You Ain't Nothin' But a House Thief

      You Ain't Nothin' But a Hound Dog are the opening lyrics to an Elvis Presley song "Hound Dog".