Where in Time is Carmen Sandiego?

Weekdays 4:30 PM on PBS Premiered Oct 07, 1996 Returning 25/12/2017


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  • Great game show, not so hot of a studio audience

    Where in Time was great. Love the gameplay, engine crew, Kevin, The Chief, and the other cool stuff. But I do have one bone to pick, and that is the studio audience. Too bad they weren't as involved as the audience in Where in The World is Carmen Sandiego, that would've kept the show going for more seasons. But overall, the show was fine.
  • It was a good show.

    I really liked this show. I thought the premise was interesting and also the entire setting. I don't think it was given enough of a chance to succeed, but when it was on, I watched it. I thought it was very eductaional and also very entertaining. It was funny to see all the villains and to also see the contestants lose or win. I must say that my favorite aspects of the show had to be the beginning where we would find out who the villain would be and what he did. My favorite was Dr. Belljar. Overall, a good show. Thank you.
  • Not as good as the original

    I liked Greg better than Kevin, and Rockapella better than the engine crew. And World had better villains. But Lynn Thigpen as the Chief was still cool. I still have the songs from both stuck in my head though. I just don't remember all the villains names anymore. World beats Time any day.
  • Setup in a kind of gameshow format,this TV show features funny dialog and teaches you geogrophy and history.

    Another one of my childhood shows,I remember watching this and watching daily until it was taken off. The later episodes of this show were pretty funny at times and,as mentioned,gave you a few lessons on geogrophy and history. Many "bad guys" including Doctor Beljar,Mighty Mideva,and others steal loot from the past and the time pilots must answer trivia questions and time travel from year to year to catch the bad guy/gal. They made some major changes in the later episodes,including the "Fact Fuel" in the earlier episodes which was eliminated in the later episodes. All in all,a wonderful show to watch for kids compared to the "good shows" PBS airs today. I also wish this show was shown somwhere.
  • Cutting edge, amazing, and stupendous are just some things to discribe this here show!

    Now, if you have read my reviews before, you will know that I am not a child, but I love to watch Childrens TV. I am a teenager, not a new teen, but a middle teen if you will... but this show, I am going to have to... "Borrow" this from the library, and "lose" it. They are the only ones who have a copy of this show on VHS, and i would pay the fee to say it was lost.

    Now, this show was so cool, detective work, mixed with world travel, mixed with Zach and Ivey was so fun to watch on Saturday mornings, * Or in my case now. whenever I feel like it*

    But seriously, if you ever see this one make sure you watch it. It is so good, informative, and fun you can't go wrong with this one!
  • Who knew that learning about history could be this fun?

    I was 17 years old when the show started airing, but it became a "guilty pleasure" for me and I even got my youngest brother into it as well.
    I loved the concept - using skits, CGI animation, music and comedy to teach kids about history and different time periods. The show infused the right amount of energy to educate as well as entertain (I admit it, I had a crush on the host at the time), and even I as a teenager learned a lot from it.
    Though it only lasted two seasons, I learned a lot from the show and I hope somewhere down the road it can be re-shown for a new generation
  • This show is about Carmen SanDiego going through time w/ her minions and stealing priceless artifacts. The time pilots (players) have to answer questions, order events in most recent to least recent order, and then go through gates to try to catch Carmen!

    Like I said this show is VERY underappreciated. It did replace "Where In The World..." but it was for good. (Don't Boo me) Times were going on. Kids were more interested in the sci-fi theme and more up-beat music then. These changes were great(But not all at once)Still, it's great!

    People who don't like this replacing the old version should have gave it a chance. It was still worth watching. Don't boo me again, but I love the villians. Jacqueline Hyde scared me at the age. Buggs Zapper was good too.

    I hope this goes on GSN. It needs to.

    -say-if-you-agree-with-me! :)