Where in Time is Carmen Sandiego?

PBS (ended 1997)


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  • Setup in a kind of gameshow format,this TV show features funny dialog and teaches you geogrophy and history.

    Another one of my childhood shows,I remember watching this and watching daily until it was taken off. The later episodes of this show were pretty funny at times and,as mentioned,gave you a few lessons on geogrophy and history. Many "bad guys" including Doctor Beljar,Mighty Mideva,and others steal loot from the past and the time pilots must answer trivia questions and time travel from year to year to catch the bad guy/gal. They made some major changes in the later episodes,including the "Fact Fuel" in the earlier episodes which was eliminated in the later episodes. All in all,a wonderful show to watch for kids compared to the "good shows" PBS airs today. I also wish this show was shown somwhere.