Where My Dogs At?

Season 1 Episode 3

Being With The Browns

Aired Saturday 12:30 PM Jun 24, 2006 on MTV 2

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  • It doesn't get more weird and retarded than this

    In this episode, today is Jeffy's birthday back in Headbanger15's home state of New Jersey ;) And unforutnately, Buddy is still stuck in Hollywood with Woof. As they're walking along the streets, they see Dave Chappelle's Circus is going to be on tour and one of their stops is Newark, New Jersey.

    Buddy and Woof head over to the circus while they're getting prepared and try to see if they can join, but they never do. The Dog Catcher appears from a tightrope and once again tries his luck at catching our heroes. Buddy and Woof escape to the park, which is crawling with dogs. One particular dog catches Buddy's eye....and unforunately it's Kortney Love's dog. Kortney then rubs Buddy's stomach and ends up giving him worms in his stomach. Not good.

    While running back to the circus, Buddy notices that he isn't feeling well. He grows weaker and weaker as time goes on, so he relaxes next to a dumpster....and then, the fun begins.

    Hiding in the dumpster are Bobby Brown and Witney Houston...both are extremely drunk...SO drunk that they actually mistaken Buddy and Woof as their children. Now, the two dogs find themselves trapped in the Browns' house...and under the mercy of the Browns' huge@$$ daughter, Bobby Christina. After an extremely destructive game of Hide and Seek, the two dogs end up dressed in retarded girl dresses and drinking tea at a tea party.

    B.C. then tells the dogs that she's fed up with her parents fighting and decides to run away and join Dave Chappelle's Circus. The dogs really want to go too, but Buddy is still really sick and appears to be dying. Before the dogs can run after B.C., the crazed drunk parents appear and take them to court. Bobby Brown and Witney Houston are filing a divorce.

    At the courtroom, Judge Simon Cowell (yes, you heard me correctly) asks Bobby Brown to the stand. Brown does...but makes a complete fool of himself. Buddy passes out and appears to have died :( . Bobby Christina then appears in the courtroom. She doesn't want her parents to divorce, so after a big group hug, Brown does his best to fix up Buddy. He takes the worms out of the poor sick dog. How? You do NOT wanna know. Buddy and Woof are then released from the courtroom.

    Unfortunately, Buddy and Woof never make it to the circus. Chappelle closed it down and gave the dogs all his money. He then hops in a cannon and atempts to shoot himself to South Africa...and fails miserably.