Where My Dogs At?

MTV 2 (ended 2006)


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  • Okay.

    I liked this show. It's one of the better cartoons but it used to come on at the same time as Drake and Josh. When Drake and Josh was on hiatus I watched this and its very good, but if there is something better I watched it. It does deserve to be released on DVD but bringing it back, I'm a little iffy about. Its just not as good now that Futurama's back on which means if it had a second season they would have to compete for my attention again. Not saying I don't like it though. I got your back stray. I'm not a stray!

    omg i love this show this show is sooo awesome this show is like my idle i like this sho cuase it so amazing i like buddy and the other dog !!! i feel so bad for them cause buddy can\\\'t get a ride to new jersey and the other dog is trying not to get caught by the dog catcher!!! the dog catcher is soo mean!!! if i could be in the show i would but i can\\\'t cause im not a good character!!! omg i love this show sooo much!!! really it is a good show!!! omg!!! ahhh!!!
  • A cult cartoon show that needs to be brought back to life! :idea:

    I cannot begin to tell you how MUCH I miss this show! In an era where quality stories have been cast aside for 'Reality' antics which continually muck up scrapings from the bottom of the quality barrel, this is a show that would help to reverse that stupid trend and remind people what shows should be important to watch. Cartoon shows that have good animation, funny jokes about celebrities, well-placed gags, and state of the art writing for the episodes done for it, are the kinds of shows more people should be asking for! :idea: I cannot think of a more deserving show that needs to be resurrected more than this one! What other show would continually make fun of celebrities like Courtney Love, Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie, Nicole Richie, King Kong, Janet Jackson, Dr. Phil, Bobby Brown, Whitney Houston, Tom Cruise and more, and never once feel bad about it, add 2 talking dogs into the mix and that has comedy gold written all over it! Bringing back this show would be a sure fire way for restoring MTV 2's reputation, and that's why I'm writing this review! :idea: Enough said, true believers! ;)
  • Come on bring it back MTV.

    This show is pretty facinating if I say so myself. It is about 2 dogs who were abandoned and so they must find a new home. I like this show it was one of MTV's decent works since they went downhill and started airing reality shows and Andy Milonakis. But this show is better than them please bring it back MTV and cancel Andy Milonakis I don't know I heard it is canceled as is Wonder Showzen. Please bring this back I don't care for Chico and Guapo I hate Andy Milonakis and I never saw Wonder Showzen oh and do better next season with Celebrity Deathmatch.
  • A cartoon that makes fun of celebrities is probably not the most original idea ever, but who cares. I don't, as long as it makes me laugh.

    A cartoon that makes fun of celebrities is probably not the most original idea ever, but who cares. I don't, as long as it makes me laugh.
    This show looks to me like a mix between Two Stupid Dogs and South Park. The plot revolves around two dogs that rambles around Hollywood trying to awoide Dog Catcher and often end up in houses of celebrity people like Angelina Jolie, Snoop Dogg, Witney Houston, Tom Cruise...The impersonations are hilarious and there are so many laugh out lout moments. I really enjoyed watching every episode (I'm always in the mood for some good celebrity mockery). The only bad thing that I can say about this cartoon is that it only has eight episodes and I hope they will make some more...
  • Awsome Show

    This is the best cebartiy pariody show ever with a good first episode when they met Maddox, a child of Anglena Jolie. I think this show should come back for a second season or on Nicktoons Network in the summer wich ever comes first. or mabey a DVD of the show that would be nice of mtv2 to do that
  • great show "woof" or "pig dog" is an over eater, who doesn't like being held captive and got buddy's back whilst buddy the uglybeagle wants to be held captive byu his owner in jersey named jeffy.they both help eachother to the best they can.

    funny funny stuff i mean they are making fun of celebrities for what is known to them and take to the extreme or instream and also they make fun of themselves at times too because they are making fun of dane cook whilst on "me place". and tom cruise being his usual freaky self. i give it a double thumbs up for everything about it. or should i say paws. double triple and even quadruple celebrityseeing such as whitney houston the crack queen. you kind of feel bad laughing at the celebrities they are making fun of but hey just another reason to buy there albums so everyone loves it again great show watch it.
  • Hollywood, watch out. The dogs are on the loose.

    Buddy is seperated from his family and his little boy, Jeffy, from Jersey. Now he must survive the mean streets of Hollywood if he ever wants to get back to his family in Jersey. I'll start off by saying that this show is well planned and gives every celebrity a chance to be on it. Whether they like it or not. Unlike many shows it has a sub sub plot, which is the whole getting back to Jersey thing. This show just asks me what the celebrities are thinking to themselves when they see themselves on this show. The things that will be going through their minds. It also has hilarious insults and jokes toward everyone and everything. I give this show a perfect.
  • this is my favorite show on tellevision

    i mean serriously man this show is so off da chang it makes all dem otha shows look like sh*at i mean damn man this is probably the best show that i habe eva seen!!! !!! seriously dawg i could go on re veiwin this sh*t all day it serriously and i mean seriously has to be one of da best shows on television aight im fourteen and from mexico (chihuahua to be exact) and i still this is one of the best motha f****in shows on tellivision i mean damn dawg holly wood beta look out and woof and buddy, i got yo backs mut/stray
  • Not bad.

    Saw the Michael Jackson episode last night. Some clever jokes, but I think it tries to hard to make you laugh. The animation is rather choppy at some points (See the ending of that episode) but the details in the celebrities is good. Oh, and the show should be moved from MTV to Comedy Central or Adult Swim. MTV is a channnel not many people watch for cartoons, so it it was put on either of the mentioned stations I bet it would get better ratings and a larger audience. If the show is on again, I will probably check it out because it may not be perfect, but it has potential.
  • An interesting show

    This is probably the best cartoon created within the past two years. It is actually funny for the most part.

    I will admit that some of the jokes aren\'t very well done and are pretty lame. However, the show really makes up it with its spoofs of all of my least favorite Hollywood Stars. It makes them all seem more like their real selves. It really does. Plus, most of the spoofs are funny.

    My favorite episode was the one with Snoop Dogg and Hillary Duff. I just thought that the portrayal of Hillary Duff was so funny.

    Buddy and Woof are also pretty good characters. My favorite is Woof. I like his values about life which make a strong character.

    Most importantly, it\'s a unique show. I have never seen any other cartoon like it. Most adult cartoons are either sitcoms or poorly thought out piles of garbage. I would recomend this show to anyone, especially if they hate Brittany Spears, the Whittney Houston, Hillary Duff, Tara Reid, Lindsay Lohan, Nicole Richie, Mischa Barton, and all of those \'cool\' Hollywood icons.
  • Two dogs going Hollywood

    When I heard that Sicamation was going to be coming out, I thought MTV2 was sinking all the way to the bottom. But then I checked out this show and after watching it for a bit, I actually found it quite funny.

    This show features two dogs: Buddy and Woof. Throughout most of the show, they make fun of celebraties, how they suck or how cool they are. Most of the celebritates are poorly drawn, but it's just a good way to embarrase them. I hope this show gets decent ratings and won't be a total disaster.
  • What is better than two dogs whos balls show every five minutes meetig celebrities every two

    This is a kick ass show. It makes me look at Angelina Jolie a whole different way. There are so many freaking celebs. The way they are portrayed looks like this show should be in a MAD magazine. There is
    Lindsey Lohan - movie star (Freaky Friday)
    Nicole Richie - tv star (Simple Life)
    Mischa Barton - tv star (O.C.)
    Mary Kate Olson-both (Full House)
    Snoop Dogg - rapper (Soul Plane)
    Arnold Schwarzenager -Governor (Predator)
    Angelina Jolie - movie star (Mr. and Mrs. Smith)
    Maddux Jolie Pitt - her kid
    Brad Pitt - movie star (Mr. and Mrs. Smith)
    Tom Cruise - movie star (Mission Impossible 3)


    Katie Holmes - movie star (i dont know (all her movies sucked))

    and thats just 1 f*ckin episode!
  • i love it!....it is freakin' funny!

    this is a very good show....i have always been a fan of animated shows that this shows makes me keep on loving it....it is very entertaining and the expression are freaking halarious!....but the down side is that mtv2 has it...since when do they have a long running animated show...actually...when do they have a long running show at all?...but i hope that this show will last for awhile....i see it as the southpark of dogs!...cant wait for the next epsiode...hopefully it will be as good and as entertaining as the first....definatly a good move by mtv2 to get the on the air!
  • Very risky.. ;) Give me more please!

    The show is awesome. First I was a bit skeptical.. But it's just plain awesome and funny. Yes everything is dramatized.. which makes it hilarious and edgy for TV.

    The dominatrix fendom sex going on between Pitt and Jolie made me fall out of sofa laughing on the floor.

    The dogs are great, perfect charater duos/partners. Better then Ren and Stimpy, Cow and Chicken, and even the 2 stupid dogs. These 2 characters insult celebrities and spit out smart jokes left and right.

    I just hope this show stays on air.
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