Where on Earth is Carmen Sandiego? - Season 4

FOX (ended 1999)


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Episode Guide

  • Can You Ever Go Home Again? (1)

    When Carmen tries to steal some treasures from industrialist Malcolm Avalon she discovers a painting representing her mother. At the same time Lee Jordan takes the decision to become the new leader of V.I.L.E.

  • Cupid Sandiego
    Cupid Sandiego
    Episode 7
    All ACME detectives are on holiday on the Seychelles. Joshua, the genius of the detectives, is in love with Ivy but she doesn't notice. When Carmen tries to steal Joshua's latest invention, she tries to distract the detectives by stealing highly romantic items.
  • Can You Ever Go Home Again? (2)
    Carmen must steal a list of items, which all of them are of high value in order to satisfy Lee's Wishes. When Carmen Sandiego is about to deliver the items into his hands in exchange for her father, he demands something else: The destruction of ACME Agency and it's Detectives.
  • Retribution (1): Unsinkable Carmen Sandiego

    Maelstrom, a thief who was caught by Carmen during her time as ACME-detective, escapes from prison, swearing revenge on her.

  • Retribution (3): Maelstrom's Revenge

    The Chief manages to convince the local sheriff to free Zack and Ivy. They meet up with Carmen again and pursue Maelstrom. Maelstrom begins to steal items and frames Carmen for their thefts! He wants to ruin her reputation as a thief with a conscience.

  • Trick or Treat?
    Trick or Treat?
    Episode 2
    When Carmen is tricked at a heist in China, she decides to get even with a Halloween surprise. She decides to set up a haunted house with items she has recently stolen. Zack is a bit frightened by all the spooky stuff in the house, and has to convince himself it's all fake.moreless
  • Timing is Everything
    Carmen's henchman Mason Dixon steals her time machine. Suddenly, he is the leader of V.I.L.E. and Carmen is only his henchwoman. Zack and Ivy have to restore what Mason has done, and also stop him from trying to change the outcome of the Civil War.
  • The Trial of Carmen Sandiego
    When Carmen is captured by a judge bent on sentencing her to life in prison, Zack and Ivy are appointed her defense team. Carmen was accused of recently stealing the Magna Carta, which she did not steal. Zack and Ivy try to gather evidence to prove Carmen did not commit this particular crime. But is she really involved after all?moreless
  • Retribution (2): In Memoriam
    Zack and Ivy escape Maelstrom's ship and find out that Carmen still believes that Maelstrom died in his attempt to escape from prison. Carmen wants to give him a worthy Viking-like funeral in Norway. Zack and Ivy find her beginning to give him such a funeral and are about to tell her that Maelstrom is alive when Maelstrom appears in a ship beside Carmen. He challenges her to come after him or die.moreless
  • Can You Ever Go Home Again?
    Another action-packed mystery from "Where On Earth Is Carmen Sandiego?"