Where the Heart Is

ITV (ended 2006)


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  • HELP me please

    Two actors played walter can only find one actors name graham turner who was the other actor I am pulling my hair out and also where can I watch it
  • This was great sunday night TV.

    Where the heart is made my sunday night, it was great TV before you went back to work the next day. My favourite characters were Megan and Luke and i loved the storyline in which Megan gave birth to baby Rachel. Holly played it terrifically and it wont be long till she is a big star. It was terrific acting, yet the writers made tragedy strike with Sally dying. I thought how could they to me. I loved the way life was so simple, the nurses and the toilet roll factory. The only cad thing about the show in all the series i watched was in my opinion talentless denise van outen.
  • This drama is apsolutely brilliant it is a great drama and well worth watching.

    Where the heart is is a fantastic drama set in the fictional yorkshire town of skelthwaite.The things that make the show are the fantastic actors and actresses involved there are not very many special effects which is good because it makes it seem very realistic. The best episodes have been every single one of them as they are all unique and special and at the end of every series the excitement of watching where the heart is again comes back. this show is unmissable so no wonder it has been pick of the day every week in series 10. overall at 8:00 on sundays in the summer.make a drink , sit down , relax and watch this show!
  • It is good.

    In my opinion where the heart is, is ok. It's not the best but it's not to bad. I think that it is quite laid back and is a bit more realistic than some shows. It tends to have nice happy storylines with the odd dramatic storyline. It is worth watching.
  • The Royal is better!

    Actress Pam Ferris made this show watchable in the early years. But her character passed on & future episodes had plots that had a feeling of deja vu about them. Leslie Ash was a joy to watch as the token Southerner as well. Now the show has lost it big time, even the intoduction of Denise Van Outen & Richard Mylan hasn't improved things much either. Bring Peggy Snow back in ghost form to haunt those Skelthwaite dullards, I say.
  • Not particularly groundbreaking but entertaining nontheless.

    Sunday night dramas will probably never win prizes for their edgyness or great special effects. However, this is a nicely paced drama set in the heart of Yorkshire for a Sunday night. You always feel at home with the characters and the storylines usually have a happy ending which make you go 'aaah'! Although it has been on our screens for quite a few years now, it still remains fresh through the characters and dilemmas which are faced. The ideal family Sunday night show.
  • Classic Yorkshire drama, geat for all the family

    Where the heart is, is set in the small Yorkshire Vilage of Skelthwait.
    It is one of those classic Sunday night television programmes, and it is absolutely fab. It would appeal to any 1, of any age.
    The storylines are gripping, but all there is that comedy factor that is needed for this. Anyone that watches this would fall in love with the caracters. You can realli delve into the families lives, through out their struggles, heartache, and happiness. Sit down with your famaily and friends this sunday and watch Where the heart is. You will enjoy it very much
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