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  • For you game show fanatics out there who use to watch this game show and wondered about the names of the 10 Villians well look no further.

    The names of the Gauntlet of Villans.

    1. Alphonse the Gangster
    2. Bruno the Headman
    3. Mr. Von-Louse the Landlord
    4. Nero the Roman Emperor
    5. Count Nibbleneck the Vampire
    6. Frank & his L'il friend Stein(Frank "N' Stein)
    7. Kid Rotten the Gunslinger
    8. Jeremy Swash the Pirate
    9. Dr. Deranged the Mad Scientist
    10. Lucretia the Witch

    I liked the show especially when they opened the entire stage to reveal the gauntlet of villians. My only critique is that the shows title should have had a better name. In my opinion they should have called it "The Gauntlet". The music was cool. Believe it or not, the theme music for "Whew!" was written by Alan Thicke. There are various sites to find all you can about the WHEW! The best part of the show was when the contestant wins the $25,000. I can name a few contestants, but the most memorable was the late Randy Amasia who won $26,190. Randy wherever you are thank you for making history.