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  • Project home

    I have a great house for a new project. Our best friend has lived in this house for 20 years and still has plywood on the ceilings and floors in his kitchen and living room. He's got sheet rock in the living room but that's it. He has so many projects he can't seem to finish any of them. I would love for you to do this renovation, he really deserves it. It's an open concept room so it wouldn't take that long at all.
  • Fabulously written show....educational, entertaining...

    I love this show...could not think of anything that needed "tweaking". So I had to give it a 10!! Oh, wait, it needs the designer with the magic, Mark Brunetz, to make it a 10!! Evan is wonderfully entertaining! Though not my favorite designer (gotta stick with Mark Brunetz!), Nadia is fabulous. Leslie is the most talented person I have ever seen...is there anything this woman can't do??? Andrew & Jason are both carpenters extraodinaire and a "girl's dream"!! ;o)

    My favorite part of the show is that they actually show you the "work in progress"...not just the before & after. You never know what is around the corner, the show keeps you watching!!

    Kudos to the entire staff!!
  • this show is pretty good

    I find it interesting how people respond to getting a room made over. Some of the responses can get quite over the top. It is pretty funny. Some of the different designs can get pretty outrageous, too. While you were out is a good show. I love this show. I like it when they have marathons because it is fun to watch while you were out back to back. I think it would be pretty cool to have someone make over my room while I was gone. That would be a nice surprise. I would definitely recommend this show.
  • WYWO is the best!!! I love this show…I have it set up to record so that I do not miss any thing.

    I rate this show a 10+++++++++++++ Anyone know how I can get information for being on the show? I would love to do something special for my husband. He has been working so hard and really tries to do things here at home when he can but it never fails, he will get started and then he gets called out of town for work. Please, if any one can tell me how to contact the WYWO team I would appreciate it. sclausen Texas
  • i really like this show. it is pretty good.

    i really like this show. i find it funny how people respond to getting a room made over. some of the responses can get quite over the top. it is pretty funny. some of the different designs can get pretty outrageous, too. While you were out is a good show. i love this show. i like it when they have marathons because it is fun to watch while you were out back to back. i think it would be pretty cool to have someone make over my room while i was gone. that would be a nice surprise. i would definitely recommend this show.
  • wywo rocks

    i love evan faremr he is the best host ever!

    jason andrew
    i think they should bring it back

    after evan farmer show bride vs bride gets over with

    wywo is numba uno mi corizon

    de wywo
    i think it a shame that this show had to go into reruns
    i think they should at least have like the best best worst worst builds like their fav builds like a wywo reunion see wat ever ones up too

    i think evan farmer aka mi corizon robb kiss

    i love this show

    viva las wywo 4ever
  • how can i sent an e-mail to \\\"while you were out\\\"? or any other program.

    how can i sent an e-mail to \\\"while you were out\\\"? or any other program. i would like them to help me to make a surprise to my mom.thank you very much for your time bjjghcnbdfgl mgugjk nvj jgjk hl jlj gffn iyhol holjl kjh;nv ds h s fdsf sdf sfs bgh htry sfs
  • Love watching and getting new ideas I would have never thought of!

    I love the idea of challenges, which every episode is and they come up with great ideas. The creativity is wonderful and the cast and crew are fun.

    The one episode I watched recently was where they made a sports lounge for the husband with baseballs and bats. I also like to go back and review the pictures on the site to see what they have done.

    The price range they have for fixing up rooms is decent as well. But I like that you can use things from your own home to get a wonderful effect. They need to come here to Hampton Roads.
  • Once While You Were Out changed hosts I lost interest. Originally I would have rated this show very high, but now I've lost interest in this show.

    While You Were Out was originally an excellant show. However, when they changed hosts I almost immediately lost interest. The original host was awesome and you might not think that changing the host changes the show, but it really does. What use to be one of my favorite shows is know something that I refuse to watch. I gave the new host a chance, but the show just wasn't the same. Originally I would have rated this show a 9 at least. However, now I am forced to rate it much lower because of the hosting situation. The show is just not the same.
  • I really enjoy wathcing WYWO. I probably only

    I really enjoy wathcing WYWO. I probably only watch it a few times a week. I think that both of the carpenters are really hot!!! Also the host Evan is also hot! I didn\'t really care for the female host they had previously (and still on reruns on HGTV???). She was annoying.
  • Not that interesting any more.

    I used to really like this show, but I don't watch it that much anymore. I watched it a little bit when Anna was the host, but I really got into it when Teresa became the host. I really liked here personality, and the interaction between her and the designers. Now that Evan is the host, I really don't watch very much. I think he has a unique personality, but I don't like him as a host.
  • I like it for the most part.

    I enjoy the people on the show, and like all of the designers. However, recently the show's format changed, which has become typical for TLC. The rooms are now too work intensive, and there is usually only one carpenter, who spends most of the time goofing off, so the room is rarely completed. Jason Cameron is the worst! He's always arguing with Evan, and yelling, "Get ur dun!" but he never does get done. Shut up and get back to work already, and maybe you will get done. I guess I'm not your average viewer. From what I've read on the WYWO boards, most tune in, in the hopes of seeing Evan Farmer get wet. I want to see the room!
  • This show has some wacky people on it.

    The designers on this show come up with the most different designs and always have at least one problem. The show is fun to watch because sometimes it gives you ideas about how you can redecorate your own room or fix up your room with just a little bit of paint or new pillows. It's also fun to see what reaction the person will have whent they get home.
  • the changes are weird.. i love the show.. but ali is not on it anymore.. and way too many guys. not that i am complaining.. hot guys.. hmmm... but when you have a male host, 2 male carpenters and a female designer.. it's crazy. well i hope chayse is okay.

    but you know.. the changes are annoying.. no more quizes means the secret shooter was fired. and there are 3 secret shooters. 7 thousand? who can afford that.
    still one of my favs.. and i am eager to see the new season..
    i hear that all are back except ali, who has too much on her creative plate.. so sad, bc we love that girl.. i hope they don't replace her, or if they do.. with someone as cool. my friend and i were joking, who would they replace ali with.. my friend said me.. but i am a little camera shy.. maybe i can be a camera man.. they already have what 10? hmmm...
  • one homeowner surprises another homeowner while he/she is away for a few days

    I've been a fan of this show since the early days-- when there was Anna Bocci and then Teresa Strausser and now Evan Farmer. I've stayed with the show throughout host changes, quiz changes, time-slot changes, format changes, etc. I watch reruns and have a few favorite episodes on tape. I used to rave about this show because of the comraderie between cast and crew and the whole "down to earth" design element. This season, though, has been a roller coaster ride. I can't keep up with when it's on. I don't like how many times they come too close to not finishing. One of the designers always seems to have a chip on her shoulder. Evan needs a haircut. His antics aren't as endearing as they used to be. And, now, they've gotten rid of the quizzes, prizes and secret footage. I don't know how much longer I will continue to watch. Change is good but too much change too often causes me to change the channel.
  • It sucks Now!

    The show used to be going up with the gret host Teresa something and all those great designers. Now they got some guy that has these blood shot eyes everytime he's on the show being host. And they took out the best designers like that old man that did back yards and that guy named John. Better luck next time while you were out.
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