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  • Nashville: Miracle Myles
    Six-year-old Myles, was diagnosed with a very rare and deadly disease, yet against all odds, he survived. Unfortunately, the family was left with tons of medical bills and had to leave their house. They rented a basement, where the whole family was living. Now, the WYWO crew is redoing the whole basement... with $3000, WYWO's largest-ever budget!! One of the most special projects is giving Myles his own room, with a door. This is one reveal that you cannot miss!! And you might want to have a tissue handy.moreless
  • Nashville: Cloud Nine Kitchen
    Chrys and Marla are sick of their mother's green kitchen. They'd rather see mom Sandra walk on air in a space that's inspiring.
  • Nashville: Global Rhythm Garage
    Janice wants to transform her families' unused and unfinished stone garage into a room her husband, Ernie, can use for personal space and creativity. Mark Montano comes up with a design that makes Janice anxious. When given a choice between his crazy design or a more subdued version, she decides it's time to learn to trust the power of the artist.moreless
  • Lexington: Amazing Grace-Land
    It's time to go to church. Pam and Vickie devote a large portion of their time to watch over the wee kiddies while their parents attend service. Stacey, another member of the church, and Reverend Tom decide they need to show Pam and Vickie some appreciation by mixing it up in the nursery space.

    Designer Nadia Geller creates a dreamland for the children with decorative paint, storytelling area, and an art gallery.moreless
  • Lexington: A Clearing in the Woods
    There's no more noble effort than this episode of WYWO. The task is to change the cold, dismal surgery waiting room at Shriner's Hospital for children into a calm, inviting space for the childrens' families. The children of the hospital help with craft projects, including one patient who helps out before her surgery then hops back up afterwards to make sure the room turns out right.moreless
  • Richmond: Back to the Books
    We have more brothers, but not the related kind. These are Phi Delta Theta fraternity brothers. The entire fraternity across the nation has decided to go dry and they've all become closer because of it. However, now they are actually noticing their surroundings and would like something a bit less dumpy. Nadia Geller and the team have quite a task before them. They will have no air-conditioning in extreme heat humidity and they have to make a warm-feeling social area that will double as a study space.moreless
  • Austin: Shades of Water
    This episode is "swimming" with talent! Chayse's task is to win over swimming champ Nate Dusing's girlfriend, Michelle, while keeping Nate's personality in the room. Michelle will be moving in with Nate shortly so he wants her to feel at home. Chayse uses the obvious for her inspiration - WATER. She uses blue colors, wood, stains, and water, of course, to stimulate the beige boring room that it currently is.moreless
  • Lexington: The Southern Suite
    Laura wants to bring some happiness to her mother Sandra. Her father passed away a year ago and then her mother was injured in a car accident shortly after. Chayse and the team come in to transform Sandra's bedroom. The room also serves as a computer room, a kids' homework area and a social center. They want to make it more functional and comfortable as a multi-purpose room. Sandra has quite another surprise in store. Laura's boyfriend Tim, who has been deployed in Afghanistan, is back in town and Sandra does not know it yet. She adores Tim and may be a bit overwhelmed by all this shock.moreless
  • Richmond: Montano's Mystery
    Homeowner Allison isn't the only one in for a surprise with this design. So is the designer. And the rest of the WYWO team. HUH?! Colleen wants to give her roommate, Allison, a special space. But what space? For what use? That's what Designer Mark Montano will find out when he arrives and has to come up with a design on the spot.moreless
  • Williamsburg: Comfortable Caravan
    Karen wants to create a relaxing, comfortable space for her husband, Harem, to enjoy with the family when he's not at work - 5 hours away. There is concern about pulling it all off, however, because Harem is a detective!
  • Savannah: John Bruce Untitled
    John's design in this episode is so different, and has so many different styles that it's hard to put a name on it - ergo, Untitled. Ryan and his inspiring roommate Cassie share an apartment that is quite typical of students. They are art students and yet their apartment does not reflect that at all. John Bruce to the rescue! He will turn this un-stylish pad into something that can be an art gallery on it's own.moreless
  • Savannah: A Woman's Boudoir
    David wants to turn an odd-shaped, "ugly room" into a dressing area and bathroom for his wife, Alison.
  • Birmingham: Imaginarium
    Drew wants to redesign his sister Michaela's bedroom. Michaela is a huge fundraising supporter of the American Cancer Society - at age 16. So Drew thinks it's time for Michaela to have something done for her. Michaela and her parents are off to New York for a pampering from Cosmo Girl Magazine, or so Michaela thinks. She gets a shopping spree, and is able to help pick some male models for a photo shoot. Meanwhile, back in Birmingham, Drew and crew are creating an underwater paradise for Michaela. They are even lucky enough to get the ladies of Gee's Bend, famous for their work, to create a unique quilt for the room.moreless
  • Hilton Head: Meet Me in the Milky Way
    This season is full of firsts for While You Were Out. This time it is a local bar called "Moneypenny's", which is decorated in homage to all things Star Trek and Science Fiction. The owner, David, is off to Las Vegas for a SciFi convention with a couple of his pals. Meanwhile, back at his bar, his brother and fiance have something up their sleeves. Designer Chayse Dacoda has some stellar ideas for this space. She's going to add funky lighting, mirrors, and great photography to the bar. Besides the change in his bar, David will be surprised to see his entire family, who he believes are spread throughout the US.moreless
  • Middleburg: Palm Tree Paradise
    Another first for While You Were Out - a trailer home makeover. Arwen wants to help redesign her great friend Jack's living room while Jack will be out in an RV touring Florida's coast. Jack seems to get very suspicious of the cameraman following him. But while he plays detective, Nadia and team are working hard to create a tropic paradise.moreless
  • Jacksonville: Shiny Happy Stadium
    This episode is a bit larger than usual. The team is at the Alltell Stadium in Jacksonville, which will be the home for the 2005 Superbowl. The management for the stadium has a rather large conference room that needs some sprucing up. Designer Nadia Geller has access to the whole Jacksonville Jaguar team so she shouldn't have a problem getting this room done. She uses warm colors and copper accents. The room will still be functional, but hopefully it will be much shinier and happier.moreless
  • St. Augustine: 'Take Eames, Fire!'
    Sherri and husband Marshall own a bed and breakfast in historic St. Augustine, the oldest city in the US. They also live in the B&B in rather cramped and cluttered quarters. John Bruce is drawing inspiration from designers Charles and Ray Eames. Right away, they run into problems, which seem to keep coming. But the team pulls together to make it all work. While the team is working away, Marshall seems to get suspicious and even says the camera that is following him reminds him of While You Were Out. Will the team be able to pull of a surprise?moreless
  • Los Angeles: Easyrider's Refuge
    Alfonso is on the road to San Diego on his Harley-Davidson. He thinks he's bring filmed for a TV special. His wife Heidi is at home with the WYWO team making over Alfonso's garage. John Bruce uses red, black, and some diamond-plating to help create a workspace that any man would love. Once there, the team sees an ad Alfonso has hung up on the wall that shows his dream garage. It just happens to be the same cabinetry that his wife needs to win!moreless
  • Los Angeles: Lisa Leslie in Mother Nature's Kitchen
    Lisa Leslie of the WNBA's LA Spark wants to update a kitchen into a bright, happy space for her mother, Chris.
  • Austin: Skylab
    Austin: Skylab
    Episode 41
    Fifth-grade teacher Janelle wants to convert a messy, disorganized classroom into a sleek Space Lab Classroom for her co-worker and son-of-an-astronaut, Derek.
  • Birmingham: Sweet Disco Alabama
    Miss Alabama, Catherine Crosby, wants to convert a shabby, frat-house basement rec room into a more grown-up entertaining space for her boyfriend, Tyler.
  • Austin: Midnight Cowgirl
    Tee, a world champion team roper and cowboy, wants to give his wife, Jacque, a new bedroom. She's very busy being a full time mom. When Tee is out on the rodeo circuit, he's usually gone for months at a time. So he wants to show her his appreciation - cowboy style. Chayse Dacoda and team have a few obstacles. All the furniture in the room is built-in, including the bed. So, none of the furniture will be changing positions, but they need to change their look. They do a great suede effect on the walls, create fencing on the bottom of the walls, and make great new linens. The end result is a room fit for a cowgirl.moreless
  • Tucson: How the West Was Chic
    Mary wants to turn a living room into a unique, interesting, yet restful space for her hardworking aspiring actor husband, Brian.
  • Tuscon: Pop Art Playroom
    Leah wants to turn a disorderly playroom into a functional and organized work/play space for her police officer husband, Steven.
  • Tuscon: Italian Villa Suite
    Local TV weatherman Dave Hecht would like to do something different for his wife, Susan, in their bedroom. It is his way of saying thanks for her moving to Arizona from Ohio because of his job. Stephen Saint-Onge sees Italy in this room. This is one of Stephen's most ambitious and elegant rooms. The team re-stains the existing furniture, and creates a window seat. Stephen also uses bolts and bolts of fabric for curtains, pillows, linens, and the headboard.moreless
  • Los Angeles: Birds of Paradise
    This episode could be far from Paradise. The team is at a condo where everything seems to go awry. The neighbours start to complain, there is a trip to the ER, and the owner wants to return on the first day! Mark Montano's design is very contradictory to the homeowners usual taste. The home-owner, Gahlit, prefers things very sleek and very clean, but her boyfriend Mark, wants to give her a room that a little bit different. Designer Mark's ideas include a bird cage surrounding the bed, stencils on the wall and window, and a chicken coop!moreless
  • Las Vegas: Teller in Wonderland
    Magician Penn Jillette wants to convert a backstage "green" room into a wild entertaining area for his magic-act partner, Teller.
  • Los Angeles: Shannon Elizabeth's Bollywood Gym
    Actress Shannon Elizabeth wants to convert a spare room into a useful workout room for her husband, actor Joe Reitman.
  • Los Angeles: Dreaming in Black & White
    Janan wants to turn a new condo into "home", starting with the bedroom, for her boyfriend, Air Force pilot and Iraq war veteran, Shane.
  • Los Angeles: The Lion's Den
    Katina wants to convert an oversized living room into a tranquil space that can double as an office for her Hollywood stunt man husband, Steve.
  • Las Vegas: Nursery Garden
    Cathy wants to convert a home office into a fairy-tale-come-true nursery for her sister, Caryn, whose first baby is due in a few months.
  • San Diego: Swell Space
    Josh wants to convert a large, odd-shaped laundry room into a relaxing, ocean-inspired room for his surfing-accident survivor and founder of "Life Rolls On" brother, Jesse.
  • San Diego: That '70s Room
    Mary wants to convert a worn out living room into a retro 1970's party room for her 80's-born kid siblings, Jon and Lesli.
  • San Diego: Flight Path Patio
    Catie wants to give a patio a Top Gun facelift fit for entertaining and relaxing for her fighter pilot husband, Byron.
  • San Diego: Red Hot and Blue
    Pete wants to change a cluttered, kid-friendly master bedroom into an adults-only area for his wife, Kim.
  • Los Angeles: Chayse and the Charger!
    San Diego Charger defensive end Marcellus Wiley wants to do turn an uninspired family room into a warm, inviting space for his big sis, Tiki.
  • Las Vegas: Desert Oasis
    David wants to turn a desolate backyard into a lush, beautiful space for his wife, Teresa. Since they are in Vegas, David gave the WYWO team permission to gamble $300 of his $1800 budget at the blackjack table. Luckily, they were able to turn that $300 into $500. This is Chayse Dakota's first outdoor space, and she has quite a challenge on her hands. This is no ordinary outdoor space. This backyard is completely barren; it's nothing but dirt. But Chayse has it under control with her design, which includes a pergola, a water feature, grass and other greenery.moreless
  • St. Louis: The St. Louis Secret
    The team must create a room in WYWO's normal time limit, but this time, they don't have any advanced information to prepare. The second they arrive at the home is the second the job begins!
  • St. Louis: Kirkwood Today
    Captain Diane Scanga wants to give the police department's outdated recreation room a more homey atmosphere for the department and Kirkwood's Chief of Police, Jack Plummer.
  • St. Charles: Cypriot Serenity
    Jeremy wants to convert a boring master bedroom into a peaceful, relaxing space for his wife, Angela.
  • Chicago: The Evolution of a Woman
    Kimberly wants to turn a boring living room into a 70's throwback room for her mother, Rita.
  • Deerfield: The Blue Room
    Lego fanatic Beth wants to convert her family room into a Lego-free zone for her husband, Jay.
  • Chicago: Hollywood Babylon
    Mark wants to turn a living room into a relaxing, classic 40's Hollywood room for his partner, Patrick. In another first, it's WYWO's first apartment redo.
  • Toronto: Hockey Clubhouse
    Penny wants to convert a dark, cluttered basement into a hockey arena for her Maple Leaf fanatic husband, Scott.
  • Buffalo: Egyptian Spa
    Radio DJ Nicholas wants to convert a spare bedroom into a warm, colorful room for his super-sweet soon-to-be fiancee, Meghan.
  • Toronto: Indonesian Winter Garden
    Lisa has been there for Elisha through good and bad, and has never let her down. As a thank you, Elisha wants to create a Asian-inspired year-round outdoor garden space for Lisa.
  • Buffalo: Cool 50's Lounge
    Carrie wants to convert a dark, uninspired basement into a retro relaxation space for her best friend, Jackie.
  • West Seneca: Adirondack Lodge
    Melanie wants to convert an outdated living/dining room into a rustic cabin-inspired living space for her amazing dad, Ronald.
  • Burlington: Under Nature's Canopy
    Marianne wants to turn her master bedroom into an outdoorsy, nature-inspired escape for her partner, Troy. Troy often does a home version of While You Were Out for Marianne while she's away for a few days, so Marianne decides it's Troy's turn to come home to a newly finished home project.moreless
  • Burlington: The Vermont Room
    Tracie wants to create a lodge-style family room to relax her husband, Vince, and make him feel at home in a room of his own.
  • Burlington: Royal Persian Sanctuary
    Chip wants to update his mater bedroom and turn it into a romantic middle-eastern hideaway for his wife, Shirin. Meanwhile, Shirin believes that she is the accomplice for her friend, Mo's WYWO makeover.
  • Portland: Old England Meets New England
    Lynne wants to turn her dining room into a fancy British-inspired room for her husband, Steve.
  • Portland: Fireman's Loft
    Maria wants to convert a recreation room into a fireman's hangout for her husband, Bud. Because Bud built their house himself, Maria wants to turn their empty rec room into a special loft for Bud and his buds.
  • Portland: French Country Doll Parlor
    Jason wants to turn a boring living room into a relaxing space and doll collection display room for his busy wife, Heather.
  • Boston: The State House
    Shawn is the Press Secretary for the Governor of Massachusetts. Her boss, Eric, Communications Director, would like to convert Shawn's stuffy old office into an updated, yet historically-correct new office.
  • North Andover: A Thinking Man's Room
    Gabe wants to turn a disorganized home office into an organized haven to promote the pursuit of knowledge for his nuclear physicist father, Jack. John Bruce and the WYWO team make an amazing transformation of the "Jack Shack" into a beautiful, Harvard-style study loft.
  • Baltimore: Feng Shui Office
    Cynthia wants to turn a boring office into a peaceful, balanced Feng Shui office for her husband Jason.
  • Ashburn: Redskins Rec Room
    LaVar Arrington, Washington Redskins linebacker, wants to turn a barren, boring basement into a game room for his also-athletic brother, Michael. It just so happens that the day of the reveal is also Michael's birthday. Talk about a birthday surprise!
  • Baltimore: The Tasting Room
    Laurin and Tara want to turn an outdated kitchen into a cook's, entertainer's, and wine taster's dream for their mom, Pam.
  • Baltimore: Four Elements Room
    Randy and her husband, Will, are total opposites, so she wants to turn their bedroom into a space that works for both of them.