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  • Eagle Rock: How Reuben Got His Funk Back
    Angela is a writer who spends most of her "working" time alone and quiet. To communicate in words, she tends to cut off communication from everyone else. To thank her husband, record producer Reuben, for his patience with her, Angela wants to change their boring basement bedroom from blah to funky.moreless
  • Van Nuys: Nic's Island Home
    Nic is a great father and has an amazing ability to decorate his house and keep it neat and tidy. To thank him for all of his hard work, his partner Ray wants to make over their patio/pool area in the back yard.
  • Santa Monica: The Bitchin' Birthday Show
    Katherine wants to give her bland, white, boring living room with some color and personality more suited for her roommate Anne.
  • Huntington Beach: Viva La Vespa!
    Jennifer wants to give her husband, Steve a renovated garage to suit his Vespa fascination.
  • Los Angeles: Novocaine for the Soul
    The members of the Delta Sigma Delta dental fraternity at the University of Southern California want to redo their community room for their house advisor, Dr. Phong.
  • Minneapolis: Nordic Cabin
    Casey wants to give her hard-working mom, Debbie, a special cabin retreat-style room where she can relax and enjoy her favorite pastime, reading.
  • West Hollywood: Viva Larchmont!
    Mark is given the task of creating play space for students at Larchmont Charter School. Taking his assignment seriously, Mark designed an incredibly ambitious space, including a 40-foot by 12-foot, 3-tiered deck!
  • Huntington Beach: Huntington Beach Today, Hawaii Tomorrow
    Chayse and the crew are turning an outdoor space into a tropical surfing dream come true.
  • Minneapolis: The Minnesota Twins
    In this episode, there are no girls allowed! Andrew and the team must create a fun, safe, playful room for a family and their two sets of toddling twins. But the room won't just be for the kids...
  • Milwaukee: A Rousing Reception
    Because WYWO likes firsts, this show is another first. Instead of redecorating someone's home, this episode centers around an office. Add Chayse's on-the-spot introduction to this new type of space, and this episode is sure to provide lots of surprises.
  • Minnetonka: Surfside Minnesota
    Jennifer wants to thank her husband Kevin for moving to Minnesota. Her way of saying thank you? To give him a different climate - a beach of his very own.
  • Minneapolis: Industrial Europe
    When Isaiah and Jesse found their factory loft, they were in heaven. That is, until it turned into their own private money pit. Can the WYWO team turn this back into the perfect space Isaiah and Jesse dreamed of?
  • Royal Renovation
    Royal Renovation
    Episode 48
    The entire cast and crew of WYWO show up for this one, because they're redoing an entire house! SOS Children's Village in Lockport, IL is the home for this makeover, and the deserving recipient is Sandra Marbeth, a 10-year foster mom to EIGHT children. They are all siblings, and because of Sandra and SOS, they were not split up and placed into different homes - they get to grow up together. Also showing up for the fun is Sarah Ferguson, the Royal Duchess of York, who is the US Spokesperson for SOS Children's Village.moreless
  • Chicago: Double the Trouble
    Chayse has quite a challenge on her hands: two rooms for FOUR college roommates at DePaul University in Chicago. With only one carpenter, it's going to be a tight schedule to get this suite organized.
  • Middleton: My Latin Lover
    To celebrate their 10th anniversary of having met, Elizabeth wants to give her husband Jose a space in the home they've made together that's reminiscent of his original home - Venezuela.
  • Madison: Nadia Sees Red!
    Erica and Gary have recently bought their first home together. Having met on the internet, the two are now engaged, and are completely renovating their new house. One huge undertaking is their kitchen, and it's all red! The previous owners are both artists, and they used their house as an expression of their artistic creativity. But it doesn't suit Erica and Gary. Enter Nadia and the team to do a complete overhaul, complete with cabinets, countertops and a built-in table. Will the result be a fit for the farm home, or will Erica and Gary be seeing red?moreless
  • Chicago: John Bruce - Stirred but not Shaken
    Kate and Jamie love the circus, and are both actors. As a special surprise, Kate wants to give Jamie a basement makeover. It's about to become a cocktail lounge! Because John has never been surprised with a makeover space, this time it's his turn to come up with his design when he first sees the basement.moreless
  • Chicago: Backyard Bacchanalia
    Gina and her husband have been married for a year. Now that they're settling into their lives together, she wants their backyard to become a Greek isle so their honeymoon spot will now be special spot at home.
  • Chicago: A Passion for Reading
    Phylissa and her husband Dan both have their own idea of design heaven. Dan prefers contemporary, while Phylissa prefers more traditional. It's up to Chayse to come up with a design that will keep the peace.
  • Chicago: Sam's Sexy, Sporty Studio
    Sam is a cancer survivor who has been unable to climb the stairs to his second floor bedroom due to his chemotherapy. Now he's got a bright prognosis, but he's living in a dull space. To help brighten up his living situation, Sam's girfriend, Cheryl, calls in Chayse and the WYWO team. Their plan? To give Sam a studio-type apartment of his own.moreless
  • Chicago: Dan-Jumbo on Top
    In another WYWO first, Andrew gets his designing day in the sun. He has a huge, bare patio to turn into a beautiful outdoor space for Lisa and Matt, who own the downtown Chicago condo that needs an exterior facelift. Andrew has great plans for turning this bare gray slab of concrete into a beautiful terrace dining space.moreless
  • Kansas City: Temple of the gods
    In WYWO's largest ever space, they're about to tackle another first - an underground home. Diana and Ed live in a former missle silo, beneath the Kansas City plains. The couple uses the area as a sacred temple space and would like to continue to do so, but Ed wants to give it an extra touch of flair for Diana. Battling time and budget constraints aren't the only challenges for Nadia and the team; they also battle wind and wildfires. This will definitely be an episode for the books, but will the team finish in time?moreless
  • Kansas City: Girls Gone WYWO
    Kelly and her finace, Shawn, purchased a house several months ago, and then gutted it. Unfortunately, not much progress has been made since. In order to take the load off of Sean's shoulders, Kelly wants to make over the kitchen. As a special treat, WYWO also makes over the dining room. Enter Nadia and Leslie to help Kelly change these two rooms from sparse to spiffy. The remaining question: Is Evan outnumbered by all these women, or is he one lucky guy?moreless
  • Kansas City: Yes, I Will!
    Jen and Aaron are weeks away from their wedding. Their house is not quite as close to complete. Jen wants to surprise her carpenter/perfectionist fiance with a new living room to thank him for his hard work and show him just how much she cares.
  • Kansas City: Chaos in Progress
    Trinh, Phong, and their children live on the first floor of Trinh's parents' house. Their multi-purpose living room is well, chaos. The clutter ranges from furniture to toiletries. In an effort to make their living room more liveable, Trinh's sister, Linh, wants to get them organized with a WYWO intervention. Chayse and the WYWO team tackle this challenge, with only one carpenter to boot, and add a little flair to this cluttered space. The bold, kid-friendly colors and dark wood worry Linh; they're everything Trinh hates. But that's not all: Phong has an upgrade of his own, complete with a special piece of jewelry.moreless
  • Tulsa: Little Bedroom on the Prairie
    Shaun and his wife Karri are, well, packrats. Their bedroom is so cluttered, there's barely room to walk. After years of putting off the task, Shaun decides it's best to bring in WYWO to help him. Nadia and the team are in for a surprise. Not only are they designing a new room, they're in for demolition, reconstruction, and shoveling! Nadia's largest goal with this room: organization!moreless
  • Tulsa: Pipe Dreams
    Tulsa: Pipe Dreams
    Episode 34
    Nick is a normal 15-year-old kid with an obsession for skateboarding. His parents know he's a good kid, but they're also normal: they're nags! To show Nick how much they love him, they want to give him a cool new bedroom. John Bruce and the WYWO team build Nick a skate park room, complete with a quarter-pipe bed and handrail bookcase. They even recruit the help of Nick's idol, world-class skater Alex Broskow. The results are a teenage skater's pipe-dream come true!moreless
  • Houston: Re-Purpose for the People
    "Project Row Houses" is a non-profit organization that breathed new life into a run-down community, turning it into an art district. These inspired citizens are also giving young mothers and their children a helping hand with their affordable housing reserved just for them. But their headquarters office needs some help, too. John Bruce and the WYWO crew will be working with architects and artists on this project. Will it be a meeting of the minds or a war of wills?moreless
  • Tulsa: Fleur de Lys
    Tulsa: Fleur de Lys
    Episode 32
    Beau is a military officer who is frequently deployed, leaving his wife Laurel at home to hold down the fort. Caring for two kids and keeping the home fires burning is a tough job, so Beau wants to give Laurel a very special thank you.
  • Houston: Wade's VIP Room
    Wade and Celeste have three daughters. With four women in the house, Wade is up to his elbows in girl stuff. As a treat, Celeste wants to convert a loft playroom into a manly space just for Wade.
  • Tulsa: Kiva
    Tulsa: Kiva
    Episode 30
    Dave has made a huge sacrifice with his career and decided to work from home in order to be with his kids. He also does laundry! Because he's such a great family man, his wife, Becky, wants to give him a special space. Dave and Becky were married in Red River, New Mexico, so she would like to give him a room that will remind him of their beautiful wedding. Enter Mark Montano and the WYWO crew to turn a basement (currently being used for storage) into a kiva - a southwest Native American ceremonial gathering room - all for Dave!moreless
  • Houston: South American Salsa Parlor
    Carmen wants to renovate a garage space-turned-family room into a bright and lively hacienda for her husband, Julian. Julian is so busy being a great husband and father, he never has the time to complete his dream room, so Carmen wants to take care of it for him.
  • Houston: Rocket to the Rescue
    Chris and Chad Comer have had it rough. Shortly after Chad had a liver transplant due to a rare liver disease, Chris' wife / Chad's mother lost her battle with breast cancer. Consequently, Chris is having a hard time making ends meet, which only adds to the difficulty. Their friend and social worker Jennifer found these guys to be perfect, deserving candidates for a WYWO pick-me-up. The WYWO team is experiencing yet another new first - they're breathing life into an entire 2-bedroom condo, which is brand new and currently unfurnished. Chris and Chad are blissfully unaware that anything is going on. Much more to their surprise, they're not just receiving a newly decorated room, they're receiving a brand new HOME.moreless
  • New Orleans: Swamptastic
    It's WYWO gone wild! The team is updating a classroom in the Audubon Nature Center in New Orleans. Ashley wants to give a boring classroom an exciting facelift for her boss, Kirt, the Nature Center's Director. Kirt has put a lot of time and work into the center, and Ashley wants to give him something back. It's also the center's 25th anniversary, so what better time than now to fix it up? Kirt's wish for the classroom would be a more interesting, interactive theater for animal shows. Enter Nadia and the WYWO team to make Kirt's dream come true.moreless
  • New Orleans: View to the Past
    In another WYWO first, the Carpenter becomes the Designer. And this time it's Leslie's turn! Ira wants to convert a living room/dining room turned den/office into a home office for her husband, Andre. To give the room an interesting twist, Leslie couples historic New Orleans with African heritage.
  • Atlanta: Dacoda in the Raw
    It's Chayse's turn to be put on the spot with this site unseen episode!
  • New Orleans: The Drop Zone
    Laurel wants to convert a 1974 Airstream into a weekend retreat for herself and newlywed husband William, a skydiving instructor. The two will live in the Airstream on weekends when they're not jumping out of airplanes. Can Mark and the team turn this house on wheels into a weekend home?
  • New Orleans: Anything Can Happen in a Day
    Yet another first on WYWO - a room gets made over in ONE day! Amy wants to convert a room in the house for Mike, but he's on a 12 hour shift as a firefighter, and he won't leave town! Nadia and the WYWO team are ready for the challenge!
  • Atlanta: Freedom Square
    Charlene is a breast cancer survivor and elementary school principal. Through all of her cancer treatments, she didn't miss a single day of work. Jennifer, Charlene's Assistant Principal, wants to give something back to Charlene for her love and commitment to the children. Chayse and the WYWO team, with lots of help from students and parents, help Jennifer convert the school's bland courtyard into a beautiful escape.moreless
  • Atlanta: Brutalist Beauty
    Kemberly wants to turn a barren city loft into a homey space for her country-boy boyfriend, Corey. Corey is moving from a small town outside of Memphis, TN to Atlanta, GA to be with Kemberly while she's finishing her education.
  • Norfolk: Dining Dynasty
    Tehilla wants to turn a boring dining room into a royal banquet chamber for her Rabbi husband, Sholom. Sholom oversees all of the kosher food distribution in the Virginia area, and he always puts others first. Tehilla thinks it's time for Sholom to have something done for him.
  • Atlanta: My Three Sons
    It's been a tough few years for Carolyn and her sons Matt, Shane and Marshall, following the death of the boys' father, Carolyn's husband. To help cheer her up, the boys want to update the living room and bring it into the 21st century.
  • Washington DC: SOS
    Washington DC: SOS
    Episode 18
    SOS, Share Our Strength, is an anti-hunger organization that has been in "business" for 20 years. Their purpose is to allocate money to different organizations around the world to help fight hunger. Ivy works at the SOS branch in Washington, DC, but their offices are bland and uninspiring. She would like to give the conference room a makeover for the Associate Director, Cathy, who, in addition to having been with SOS for 17 years, founded the DC branch. Mark Montano takes the "SOS" theme and runs with it - in the form of Morse Code. He also uses red to bring out creativity in the new SOS think tank.moreless
  • Bayview: A Gift of Zen
    Childhood sweethearts Harold and Teresa have struggled, but their love has seen them through the tough times. Now, they find themselves the proud owners of a new home. Unfortunately, it's an empty home. To help them start off on the right foot, Harold wants to give Teresa a beautiful design - whatever Nadia and the WYWO team deem appropriate.moreless
  • Bayview: A Cozzie Community
    Bayview is a community on the eastern shore of Virginia, with a population of approximately 100. Folks in Bayview were accustomed to living in small shacks without electricity or plumbing until Cozzie (pronounced Cozy) Lockwood rallied Bayview's residents to get the community back on its feet. Wanting to give Cozzie the recognition she so richly deserves, Alice and Nikita want to create a community center to further enrich the lives and futures of the Bayview's citizens. With Nadia's vision and the crew's hard work, Bayview gets more than just a social hall. They receive a development center complete with books, a children's book nook, a meeting table which also breaks apart into individual desks, and a computer learning center.moreless
  • Annapolis: Silver Maple Mansion
    WYWO has had many firsts, but this episode is a first first! Sarah wants to create a special outdoor space for her husband, Ted. Not just any space, a tree house! Sarah and Ted home-school their children, so she thought it would be an exciting extension of their normal classroom to help make learning a bit more fun. This massive construction job even required extra help from Andrew Dan-Jumbo's brother, Raymond.moreless
  • Annapolis: Canopy Retreat
    Kerri and Kristen are sisters and roommates in Kristen's townhouse. After Kerri was in a car accident, Kristen had to use her savings account and put a hold on her plans to create a garden. So Kerri wants to say thank you to Kristen by giving her the beautiful garden area, and more. Paybacks are a sis.moreless
  • Annapolis: Lighthouse Keeper's Cottage
    Ed wants to liven up an uninspired great room for his wife, Dianne. The room has a fireplace that seems to take over, so she doesn't know what to do with it. Chayse decides to cozy up the room with a beachy cottage design. Unfortunately, the projects associated with the theme cause some serious waves with the WYWO team.moreless
  • Annapolis: The Good Ship WYWO
    A show of firsts, WYWO has another one - making over a house boat?! Vicki and Tony live aboard "Lifestyles", a pleasure cruiser that Tony owned long before he and Vicki were married. Vicki wants to convert a bachelor-style living room, the "salon" as seafarers call it, into a room more fit for a couple.moreless
  • New York: Sugar Hill Hideout
    Emily is a writer living in New York City. Her husband, David, wants to give her a quiet space to escape from the busy New York hubbub. Creating the space, however, is a bit of a challenge. It's also far from quiet - or relaxing!
  • New York: FDNY; Fan Department New York
    Tom is an American hero who works for the Fire Department of New York. He spends much of his free time fixing up what his wife, Deborah, refers to as "the money pit" - their home. To say thank you, Deborah wants to convert a garage game room into a home-at-home retreat for Tom and his buddies.moreless
  • West Point: Red, White and New
    April wants to give her parents a special room because of all they've given to so many others. April's dad, Colonel Mundie, is loved by his West Point cadet students. As is the custom with West Point families, the Colonel and Jenny, his wife, sponsor cadets. While most families sponsor one or two, the Mundies sponsor 40 or more cadets - each year! The third floor of the Mundie's home is the "common room" where the cadets hang out on weekends, but it needs a serious upgrade. Mark Montano sticks with the military theme and goes patriotic with his design in this room, and the results will surely make you stand at attention!moreless
  • New York: Inside Out
    Jayne is a survivor of the best kind. Jayne conquered brain surgery, which included surgery twice. A single mom, Jayne also raised her daughter, Megan, through the ordeal. To relax, Jayne loves to spend time in her backyard patio area. Unfortunately, it's far from welcoming. Jayne's friend Cindy wants to change that and give her a peaceful, tranquil space, which she calls a "Healing Oasis". With Mark Montano's inspiration, the WYWO team transforms the gloomy patio into a beautiful, serene sanctuary.moreless
  • Fairfield: Welcome Home
    Angelina wants to make a special master bedroom for her ex-husband, John. After 15 years of marriage and 5 years apart, Angelina and John have rekindled their relationship. Now Angelina is ready to invite John to come back home. To welcome John back home, Nadia decides to turn the master bedroom into a cozy, welcoming room straight out of a photograph of Tuscany. A word of caution: You'll need a tissue for this reveal!moreless
  • Milford: Blue, White & Beach
    Audrey wants to give a beach house a much-needed facelift for her husband, Mark. The cottage has been in Mark's family for generations, and holds a lot of family history and memories. Nadia and the WYWO team are careful to respect the history and integrity of the house, yet still manage to turn it into a nautical paradise.moreless
  • Ivorytown: Pit Stop
    Jackie wants to create a hangout haven for her husband and his young sons, her stepsons. She would like to turn their basement into a boys' bonding room where they can goof off, play, and just spend time together. There's a special twist to this episode: Our host, Evan, is now the designer. That gives John Bruce the opportunity to host - and see if Evan can take it as well as he dishes it out.moreless
  • Seekonk: Beijing Bedroom
    Remembering some of the designs from the '70s is scary enough, but Mary and Jim are living it! Jennifer, their daughter, thinks it's time to update her parents' outdated bedroom. Jennifer's dad, Jim, is in on the surprise for Mary, and has several specific requests. But with Mark's design, it looks like Mary isn't the only one in for a surprise!moreless
  • Providence: Stripe It Rich
    Kristin and Gideon have recently purchased a home that needs a lot of work. Because Gideon is an artist, Kristin wants to give the outdated dining room an updated redo. Things get really interesting when Gideon finds out what's really going on. Thanks to some quick thinking - and action - by Evan, Gideon actually believes that WYWO is doing a makeover in the backyard - for $50 !moreless
  • Providence: Queen Marie's Quarters
    Marie is an amazing mother and grandmother. She came to the rescue for her daughter Lisa, who has two daughters, when Lisa fell ill. Now they're all roomies! To show her love and appreciation, Lisa wants to give Marie's basement a complete makeover. Chayse decides to add another element to this episode: it's all a surprise! She decides to keep the entire theme a secret until the actual reveal.moreless
  • Providence: Pet Haven
    Susanna wants to treat her best friend, and co-owner of "Park Avenue Puppy's", Gina to a sidewalk café of her very own. But this is no ordinary store, or café. This one is for pets! As if Chayse and the WYWO crew weren't in enough of a time crunch to get the space complete, Susanna and Gina are hosting a benefit for the Rhode Island SPCA (Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals), the girls' favorite charity, when Gina gets back.moreless
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