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Episode Guide

  • Season 3
    • Four Little Indians
      A man has escaped from prison with one mission in mind, to kill the people who were responsible for his conviction. That list includes P.T. and Chuck.
    • Dead Wrong
      Dead Wrong
      Episode 32
      A man walks into a restaurant and is served by a waitress, who is astonished that he looks identical to her boyfriend, a wanted felon.

      She comes up with a plan to turn the look-a-like stranger in to the police, in place of her bank robbing lover.
    • Man, You Kill Me
      Man, You Kill Me
      Episode 31
      P.T. and Chuck get what looks like will be a fun job, to chauffeur by air a jazz musician to his nightclub date. Only the fun ends when the musician is found murdered.
    • Shoot Out
      Shoot Out
      Episode 30
      Chuck and P.T. are given a strange request by a rancher soon to die. After his death, he would like his ashes spread from the air over the beautiful countryside of his ranch.

    • Hot Cargo
      Hot Cargo
      Episode 29
      Whirlybird pilots Chuck and P.T. are hired by a man who want to take aerial photos of the governor making a speech at a local fair. They do not know that the man plans to kill the governor for his condemnation of the man's son.
    • File 777
      File 777
      Episode 28
      A tough guy named Grimes tries to force P.T. and Chuck to reveal the location of one of the Whirlybirds Inc. customers, Sydney Evans.

      The pilots refuse to give out any information but that night after closing, Grimes breaks into the hanger looking for Evans' file.
    • Mr. Jinx
      Mr. Jinx
      Episode 27
      The pilots fly a newspaper reporter to a remote prison so that he can talk to whom he believes is an innocent man. After they return to their office they learn the prisoner was a stowaway in the copter and fled. Assuming the reporter conspired and helped the convict escape, the warden calls the police setting off a series of tumultuous events.moreless
    • Star Witness
      Star Witness
      Episode 26
      The Whirlybirds - Star Witness
    • Pink Is For Death
      Pink Is For Death
      Episode 25
      Whirlybird pilots Chuck and P.T. are called into action when the police can't find the man who knows the antidote to a deadly poison a young man drank thinking it was soda pop.
    • The Story of Mary Scott
      After a young girl commits suicide, a police lieutenant enlists the help of Whirlybirds, Inc. to help him discover why.
    • Rita Ames Is Missing
      P.T. and Chuck get hired to fly a young film star to meet her fiancé at a secret location.
    • The Deacon
      The Deacon
      Episode 22
      Chuck and P.T. are hired to fly a church deacon to a speaking engagement, only to wonder about his real purpose after meeting up with some thugs at the air field who threaten the man.
    • Wanted - Alive
      Wanted - Alive
      Episode 21
      Whirlybird pilots Chuck and P.T. are called into action searching the desert when a plane goes overdue.
    • This Sitting Duck
      This Sitting Duck
      Episode 20
      Chuck and P.T. come across a crime in progress while in flight. A man is clearly seen choking a woman in the vicinity of a remote farm but neither he or the woman can be located after the pilots land.
    • The Black Maria
      The Black Maria
      Episode 19
      Even though she is gravely ill, the wife of an escaped criminal joins him after he forces her from her hospital bed while evading the police.
    • Bankrupt Alibi
      Bankrupt Alibi
      Episode 18
      A man who is a well known and upstanding citizen gets his son to confess to a hit-and-run accident he committed so that he can preserve his reputation with the town.
    • The Deadly Game
      The Deadly Game
      Episode 17
      What at first appears to be just a fun scavenger hunt, Chuck and P.T. soon discover that the clues provided lead to danger and death.
    • In Ways Mysterious
      In Ways Mysterious
      Episode 16
      The Whirlybirds team helps a minister re-find his faith when their helicopter becomes an answer to his prayers.
    • Two Of A Kind
      Two Of A Kind
      Episode 15
      Martin and Moore are faced with a difficult situation when two men who have an amazingly mirror resemblance of each other hire them. One of the men is a serial killer on the lam and the other is a timid, unemployed husband making it nearly impossible for the police and the pilots to know who is who.moreless
    • The Unknown Solider
      Chuck and P.T. are called into action to assist a woman who, just before she is about to remarry, gets contacted by her long thought dead husband, demanding money.
    • The Perfect Crime
      The Perfect Crime
      Episode 13
      Chuck and P.T. find themselves in the middle of a town bent on hanging an old man who has confessed to committing every crime that's recently happened. They decide to do what they can to protect him.
    • The Fugitive
      The Fugitive
      Episode 12
      Chuck and P.T. get the pleasant job of flying a husband and wife to a vacation celebration for their wedding anniversary. Only waiting to help them celebrate are police officers, who promptly take the man into custody.
    • Without A Net
      Without A Net
      Episode 11
      It's all about nerves when a former circus comedian who used to walk and perform his antics on the high wire comes out of retirement.
    • The Big Lie
      The Big Lie
      Episode 10
      A young man, who tends to tell lies concerning celebrities, gets in trouble when he runs away from an orphanage and some criminals give him a ride. Chuck and P.T. come to the boy's aid.
    • The Challenge
      The Challenge
      Episode 9
      After Dr. Clark Evans loses a young patient in surgery, he becomes a recluse in the mountains, until he receives a note informing him that his niece has the same affliction. The doctor doubts the message so it's up to Chuck and P.T. to convince him to come back with them.moreless
    • Obsession
      Episode 8
      Chuck and P.T. are hired to fly a sedated mental patient to a sanitarium for tests and evaluation. Only they realize in flight, that the "patient" is actually the doctor, who has been overpowered and drugged, leaving the real patient on the loose to commit murder.
    • His Brother's Keeper
      During a daring daylight robbery of a courier carrying a million dollars in diamonds at the home base airport of the Whirlybirds, the off duty police lieutenant serving as his bodyguard is shot. The lieutenant's brother hires Chuck and P.T. to locate the man, leading the pilots to a shocking surprise.moreless
    • Experiment X-74
      Experiment X-74
      Episode 6
      The Whirlybirds are sent out to find an experimental Air Force jet. While conducting the search, Chuck runs into a group of foreign spys who take him captured.
    • Time Limit
      Time Limit
      Episode 5

      A group of burglars are cracking area safes and then dressing in women's attire to make their getaways. Chuck and P.T. inadvertently get involved in the caper after being hired to fly the bad guys to a fishing cabin.

    • Til Death Do Us Part

      Pilots P.T. and Chuck get a phone call to come pick up a woman by the name of Mrs. Foster and fly her to Mexico. Only when they get to her home, no one knows who they are talking about and claim that no such call was made.

    • Christmas in June

      A little girl named Barbara comes to the Whirlybirds and asks to go to the North Pole to ask Santa Claus to bring her father home. It is only June but she wants to go early because this could take Santa some time to get done. Chuck and PT visit her mother and find out that the man had been in prison but had not come home although he had been paroled a year earlier.

      The Whirlybirds do find Barbara's father and they rescue Barbara just as she decides to walk to the North Pole. As the family is reunited, Chuck says, "Christmas came in June."

    • A Matter Of Trust
      Mrs. Dudley had been a friend of Chuck and P.T. for many years and they were more than happy to give her a ride up to her summer home in the mountains.

      It was only after the trip that they found out the bank where she had worked at was robbed the previous evening.moreless
    • Guilty Of Old Age
      P.T. and Chuck get drawn into the middle of a Police Department's modernization process concerning previous and new procedures of dealing with violent juvenile offenders.
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