Whisker Wars - Season 2



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  • 12/28/12
    The German International Beard and Mustache Championships. The U.S. is looking to make their mark in the birthplace of the sport. Aarne hopes to be the first American freestyler to take gold in Germany and former World Champion Jack Passion, who suffered a string of defeats on the American circuit, has a personal mission: to reclaim his legacy as the greatest natural Full Beard there ever was.moreless
  • 12/21/12
    The Beardsmen are in Philadelphia for the East Coast Beard and Mustache Championships, last event on this year's American Bearding Circuit. With the season ending German International Championships just weeks away, it's a critical last chance to build momentum before heading across the pond to challenge the German Masters in Bearding's Fatherland.moreless
  • 12/14/12
    The beard circuit heads to the Lone Star State for the Texas National Beard and Mustache Championships. After the explosive confrontation between Jack Passion and Austin Facial Hair Club at the West Coast Championships, Passion fears what awaits him on his rival's home turf.
  • The Wrath of Jack
    Episode 3
    Conspicuously omitted from the Full Beard finalists at the New York Beard and Mustache Championships, Jack Passion travels to Portland seeking revenge. Freestyle sees the sudden and surprising emergence of a new contender, even as perennial finalist John Buckler attempts to extend his lead in the category's medal count.
  • 11/30/12
    Jack Passion returns to the Beard Circuit looking for payback against his old rivals. He'll get his first chance at it in the New York Beard and Mustache Championships, a contest that pits him against Austin's Bryan Nelson and Allen Demling.
  • A New Growth
    Episode 1
    The Bearding Season kicks off with competitors from across the country going beard to beard in the Ohio Championships. The event draws circuit heavyweights from across America, including Aarne Beilefeldt, Myk O'Connor, and the Austin Facial Hair Club.