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Set in the ice cold slopes of the ski resort in Whistler, British Columbia, Canada. Whistler is a fast-paced drama/thriller about the mysterious, accidental death of professional snowboarder Beck MacKaye. Beck MacKaye is just returning from the 2006 Winter Olympics in Torino, Italy, in which he wins a gold medal. Friends and family are shocked about the mysterious death of MacKaye because of the experience that he had on the slopes. The secret-keeping locals are the only ones who can answer the terrifying truth of, "what secrets lie beneath the snow?" Even MacKaye's friends and family all have their share of dirty laundry and juicy secrets to try to hide. Beck's brother, Quinn must try to solve the mystery of Beck's death. He will find out the truth, which might be more than he can handle of the biggest secret in Whistler.

    N adds drama Whistler to fall '06 lineup

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    • Very good

      love this series, only just started to watch it on Trouble Tv in the UK, missed the first 3 epes but looking forward to the rest, wonder how Season 1 ends... :) Heard season 2 ends with a cliffhanger, looking forward to that, cant believe they stopped making this as Amanda crew is a brill actress... first saw her in sexdrive film, only watched 4 epes of it so far. but loving it, good plot line so far... just wish they show more than one epes a day tho here, takes the mike dragging it out... just love it, amazing..moreless
    • Supporting Canadian TV can be difficult with shows that lack so much finesse.

      I'm always surprised at which Canadian shows become really popular with tweens thanks to The-N... because Whistler doesn't seem to have any elements that would make me want to keep coming back to watch every week. I've found the stories to be developing far too slowly, while at the same time not giving enough time to the characters, who are rather wooden and unlikeable. You're aware of who you should be rooting for, but can't quite find it in yourself to really relate to them or even care. The music can also be rather distracting: it's often too loud and used in scenes where a simple and subtle score would have been more effective. I try to support Canadian TV where possible and I'm a fan of Nicholas Lea, so it's with disappointment that I say I wouldn't recommend this show to people I know.moreless
    • Whistler is really two series in one. The first season concentrated on solving Beck McKaye's murder, fictional Whistler Olympic hero. The second season changes focus completely and follows the lives of three Whistler families and their lives and loves.moreless

      Whistler gripped me from the first time I saw the pilot episode in June 2006 until the end of the first season. I actually saw the final two first season episodes in Whistler. I am a proud supporter of Canadian television and I think Whistler is a great example of what Canadians can produce.

      As a result of watching the first season, and being a part-time actor myself, I contacted the production company and asked if they possibly could find a way for me to contribute to the series. I felt that strongly about it. Amazingly they said yes and I have a part in episode 209 - Family Ties as The Courier (it's currently not listed in the episode's credit here on TV.com but I will correct that as soon as I can contribute when I reach level 2).

      I am proud of this series and proud to have been a part of it. I am hoping a third season will be produced to continue the story of the McKayes, Millers and Varlands.moreless
    • This show is about a town's local hero being found dead and his younger brother trying to figure out the mystery behind his death.

      I really DON'T like this show because it doesn't make any sense. I don't like the fact that before the show even began we are plagued with the death of a supposed local hero. I just didn't like the storyline or the plot and I couldn't get into it. It didn't even let the viewers get warmed up to it before they announced that someone has died. I didn't like it. Some say it may become another "Veronica Mars" but I disagree. "Veronica Mars" is waaaay better. I hope they don't order another season for this show. I surely won't be watching.moreless
    • really good show. keeps you wanting to know more. maybe its cuz im from BC but its all true stuff that can happen and i liked it alot. looking forward to more from this show.moreless

      really good show. keeps you wanting to know more. maybe its cuz im from BC but its all true stuff that can happen and i liked it alot. looking forward to more from this show. hmmm... ok this needs to be 100 words long. again, its a good show. keep it on the air because i wanna see it more and more. Another good thing about this tv show is that it informs people about what goes on in a crazy resort town. its not all snowbaording and drinking. maybe this show is for more the youth age of today. I duno, i think its for everyone though, not just an 14-25 type thing. GOOD SHOW. WATCH. BUY.


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