Season 1 Episode 1


Aired Saturday 9:00 PM Jun 25, 2006 on CTV

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  • The first episode that got me hooked on the show!

    The pilot episode of Whistler, "Fallen", was pretty good altogether. Honestly, some parts did bore me, but it had its exciting moments and I loved how it was written! I could understand why some people would turn away at this episode, though, because it was boring for the most part. If you didn't stay until the end of the episode, then anyone watching it wouldn't have thought it was as good as it was. I almost gave up various times throughout the episode because I had been really looking forward to this show and it wasn't exactly what I thought it to be. But I stuck through and the end kept me going, the little secret they reveal that leads on throughout the season and ultimately helps to reveal the biggest secret of all. This was a good episode but I don't think anybody watching the show for the first time should judge the show based solely on this because as I said, it was boring and if that's the impression people are getting of Whistler, then they need to ignore this episode and watch all episodes after this because it only gets better.
  • When Beck McKaye dies, the drama begins. As does the start of what looks to be a decent show.

    I had taped Whistler on Sunday, not really knowing what to expect. I thought, is it an O.C. type drama? Is it a Veronica Mars type mystery/crime drama? Or is it just a plain thriller action/adventure? Well, judging from the first episode, it looks like an O.C. drama with a bit of the other two blended in. And it's quite good, too. I actually want to watch the next episode, (which airs again Sunday for us Canadians). And unlike Windfall, this summer's other new drama, there's a bit of believeability here. And it's not that I hate Windfall either. I've been watching for these past few weeks. But I find Whistler better already, and it's the first episode. And it's Canadian programming.

    Be sure to catch Whistler next Sunday, or whenever the premiere is on for the Americans. It's worth one hour of your time.