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  • Very good

    love this series, only just started to watch it on Trouble Tv in the UK, missed the first 3 epes but looking forward to the rest, wonder how Season 1 ends... :) Heard season 2 ends with a cliffhanger, looking forward to that, cant believe they stopped making this as Amanda crew is a brill actress... first saw her in sexdrive film, only watched 4 epes of it so far. but loving it, good plot line so far... just wish they show more than one epes a day tho here, takes the mike dragging it out... just love it, amazing..
  • Supporting Canadian TV can be difficult with shows that lack so much finesse.

    I'm always surprised at which Canadian shows become really popular with tweens thanks to The-N... because Whistler doesn't seem to have any elements that would make me want to keep coming back to watch every week. I've found the stories to be developing far too slowly, while at the same time not giving enough time to the characters, who are rather wooden and unlikeable. You're aware of who you should be rooting for, but can't quite find it in yourself to really relate to them or even care. The music can also be rather distracting: it's often too loud and used in scenes where a simple and subtle score would have been more effective. I try to support Canadian TV where possible and I'm a fan of Nicholas Lea, so it's with disappointment that I say I wouldn't recommend this show to people I know.
  • Whistler is really two series in one. The first season concentrated on solving Beck McKaye's murder, fictional Whistler Olympic hero. The second season changes focus completely and follows the lives of three Whistler families and their lives and loves.

    Whistler gripped me from the first time I saw the pilot episode in June 2006 until the end of the first season. I actually saw the final two first season episodes in Whistler. I am a proud supporter of Canadian television and I think Whistler is a great example of what Canadians can produce.

    As a result of watching the first season, and being a part-time actor myself, I contacted the production company and asked if they possibly could find a way for me to contribute to the series. I felt that strongly about it. Amazingly they said yes and I have a part in episode 209 - Family Ties as The Courier (it's currently not listed in the episode's credit here on TV.com but I will correct that as soon as I can contribute when I reach level 2).

    I am proud of this series and proud to have been a part of it. I am hoping a third season will be produced to continue the story of the McKayes, Millers and Varlands.
  • This show is about a town's local hero being found dead and his younger brother trying to figure out the mystery behind his death.

    I really DON'T like this show because it doesn't make any sense. I don't like the fact that before the show even began we are plagued with the death of a supposed local hero. I just didn't like the storyline or the plot and I couldn't get into it. It didn't even let the viewers get warmed up to it before they announced that someone has died. I didn't like it. Some say it may become another "Veronica Mars" but I disagree. "Veronica Mars" is waaaay better. I hope they don't order another season for this show. I surely won't be watching.
  • really good show. keeps you wanting to know more. maybe its cuz im from BC but its all true stuff that can happen and i liked it alot. looking forward to more from this show.

    really good show. keeps you wanting to know more. maybe its cuz im from BC but its all true stuff that can happen and i liked it alot. looking forward to more from this show. hmmm... ok this needs to be 100 words long. again, its a good show. keep it on the air because i wanna see it more and more. Another good thing about this tv show is that it informs people about what goes on in a crazy resort town. its not all snowbaording and drinking. maybe this show is for more the youth age of today. I duno, i think its for everyone though, not just an 14-25 type thing. GOOD SHOW. WATCH. BUY.

  • sorry to say but this show isn't interesting at all

    this show is Boring and isn't good its just another predictable show. If you ask me there trying to be veronica Mars. The graphics are bad and they have Bad acting in this show but this is just my opinion. This show Need fine tuning and its not really exciting i expect this from half rate shows the N could of picked up a way better show. well that's all i got to say about this show and that it sucks i hope it only lasts for one season it doesn't compare to beyond the break i mean that show is exciting unlike this show also why would they Name it whistler? i dont get it really.
  • Great job, something for the adult mind to watch on then N.

    This is very much an adult show. It is not the normal teenage angst that is found on the N. I applaude the writers. My mom and I watch it, but we do not watch any of the other lame, teenager shows on the N. I wish the network would allow it to stay in a good time slot and quit moving it all around.
  • I could barely sit through an hour..

    A show about a boy named Quinn McKaye trying to find out how his local-hero/olympic medal winner brother was killed.
    This show was pretty uninteresting and could barely keep my attenion. During the first episode I was walking around my house, not a good sign. The acting is so-so, this show is very Veronica Mars-esque, but Veronica Mars has the humor, interesting wit, and good storylines that Whistler lacks. The-N has much more interesting shows that make me laugh, and keep me in awe. Some how, I just do not think that Whister fits in with the other good, watchable shows on The-N. I don\\\'t care to see it again.
  • CTV struck gold with Corner Gas, but Whistler sure doesn't compare to it\'s sister comedy.

    I've watched the first four episodes of Whistler. Some may say this is not enough to truly judge it. However, I know that when the first episode is much better than every other episode that I've watched, the show isn't worth watching. It was an okay premise, but at the end of the fourth episode I wasn't even interested in any of the sub-plots, or the main "who killed Beck" plot either.
    If you haven't started watching Whistler, don't start now.
    I plan to wait until the fall when the good drama series are on the main networks.
    Nice try CTV, but this series is going downhill, and to me it's not worth watching.
  • Somebody Is Dead Before The Show Even Starts....

    This show is about a dead guy that we know nothing about except that he is dead. If you wanted to meet him, too bad, because the guy is allready dead.

    Remember those BORING literature books that we all had to read in school?? None of those books ended without having at least one person in the book die. "Whistler" reminds me of one of those books, because it is about a dead person that is found dead.

    The series is called "Whistler" because that is where it is filmed.... In a very snowy place that has lots of snow..... I hate snow.....

    The setting in this show has tons of snow in it, and there is a dead person that is dead in it, and when I watched more of the episodes, it really doesn't look like a place that anybody would want to live. It has too much snow, it is very cold there, the whole place looks like a ghosttown, where it seems so barren and sad and boring and scary and the perfect place for a crime to be committed, and covered up. It is a place that you'd wouldn't want to end up if you were lost, and the setting feels so closed.

    I know that "The N" airs shows that air on other networks, like CTV, but The N's other recent shows are completely different from "Whistler", they are about sun, and not snow, and beaches, and water, and places where it isn't that cold. The other shows settings feel so open, and the exact opposite of Whistler. Shows that are like this are South Of Nowhere, Summerland, and Beyond The Break. If many shows are set in places where it is warm, and if they are all like this, then why would anybody like Whistler??!! They probably wouldn't, especially if they hate the stereotypical BORING school literature books.

    In case there is any confusion, this review is about The TV Series, and not the actual place.....
  • This show is about a boy named Quinn trying to find out the back story of his brother's death. Whom is a local hero.

    I absolutely hate this show. I mean it is sooooo boring. I mean I literally fell asleep watching this show. It doesn't make any sense. I don't get it. After watching the pilot I do NOT plan on watching it again. I don't see how people can actually get into this. This should not be allowed to show on national television. This is a BUST!!!! I hope it doesn't have a second season!!!
  • I think that "Whistler" is a great series. Althoguh it takes a little warming up to, once you get into it, it's great.

    I think that "Whistler" is agreat series. It's another new show from The-N (Shown on CTV first). When I first saw the previews I thought it would be interesting. I saw the premiere and thought that it was a good show, but I was confused (especially because of the timeline of the first episode). I wacthed the second and thought that it was getting better. By the third, I finally got hooked and thought that it was a great show. It had good drama and it was strating to pursue the mystery behind Beck's death. I was asking, "Why would Beck blackmail himself?" So now I am waiting for the next episode to find out more about Beck's death. I think that I like this series and that I will look forward to watching the series. For those of you who aren't watching the show, I suggest you do. It's not fast-paced like other shows, but it still has a lot of mystery and a great story behind it.
  • Tuned in because it was the only channel that was working at the time....and was pleased with what I saw

    The show revolves around a resort (Whistler is an actual resort town) & the underhanded dealings that go on & the day to day lives of people living up there.

    From what I got from the episode I saw, one family is dealing with the death of their son/brother, the mother is a borderline wreck over it, the father is clearly keeping his emotions bottled up over it, while the son is trying to move on. The son has taken up to hanging out with his deceased brothers friend, who is the son of a very rich man who also is loathed by the kid whose brother died family.

    Then theres the hotel that a couple people work at. One being a VERY gorgeous girl (whose name I havent tried to find out yet) who in the previous episode had performed sexual favors for another well off guest to pay off bills, as she tries to support herself & her younger sister. The guest expected a repeat performance, she refused, and was subsequently fired because the guest has the right connections. The middle manager type of guy who had to tell he rshe is fired is a friend of hers who as things unfold we ding out used to date her at one time & thus wants to see her do well. The boss of the hotel tells him he'll hire her back & he goes & tell her shes been hired back, with a new title, which is a massive step up from her old position. The end of the episode however shows the manager watchign a tape of her previous sexual act & you see a very devious sneer on his face, which leads you to beleive he plans to manipulate her depserate position for his own financil or physical benefit.

    I have only seen one episode, but it was very well done, teh acting was above average & the end of the episode made me want to see the next show & find the previous episode which was the shows premiere.

    It didnt hurt the shows appeal to the generation its aiming for (the under 25 crowd) that the characters on both sides of the gender line were physically appealing. If you have ever been to Whistler you will know this IS what the average person looks like as well, so its not just sexually beneficial casting, but a fairly accurate portrayal of how things can be up there.

    Granted I only saw ONE episode so far, but I rarely have faith in Canadian TV programs, but this one actually made me feel the need to watch it again.
  • Trials, tribulations, drama and issues - A brilliant show to rival the likes of One Tree Hill - Sexy, Smart and Canadian !!!!

    It will be so hard to wait for next Sunday to come to see what happens next !! Loved the opening they really thought themselves up a good season opener. Complete with ultra sexy people, the intrigue very apparent from the start. The story-line is anything but boring, it\'s sexy and clever...when put next to One Tree Hill for a second which is hugely popular in the States, it is hard to tell the difference in that our Whistler has high profile actors, with fantastic acting skills, the show is clearly budgeted big style because this certainly looks blockbuster....they have hit a hammer into a wall from a distance and hit bulls-eye.
  • Looks really good!

    "Whistler" is a new drama/mystery/thriller from CTV & The-N. It is revolved around the lives of the late Beck MacKaye's friends and family in Whistler, British Columbia, Canada. Beck MacKaye is just returning home from the 2006 Winter Olympics in Toronto and is later found dead on the ski slopes. Family and friends are shocked when they find out about the news of Beck's death only because he is extremely experienced on the slopes. CTV has ordered a for sure 13 episodes and will begin to air in March 2006. The-N has also ordered 13 episodes which will begin in fall of 2006. My review will be complete after watching it.