Whistler - Season 1

CTV (ended 2007)




Episode Guide

  • Unearthed
    Episode 13
    Quinn reveals all of Beck's secrets to his shocked parents. Meanwhile, Nicole reveals to Adrien that he is Carrie's father; Adrien has A.J. brought home to get clean, but he escapes and takes Quinn & Carrie hostage; an arrest is made in the case of Beck's murder, as the mystery surrounding his death is finally revealed.moreless
  • Meltdown
    Episode 12
    Ryan finds himself under the suspicion of murder and turns to Quinn for help. Meanwhile, Adrien's business is in jeopardy and the McKayes hold the only solution; Nicole makes a shocking discovery about her family; Quinn & Carrie revel in their newfound relationship.
  • Scratching the Surface
    While Ryan investigates what Adrien Varland is up to, he's shocked to learn that it all leads to the mystery surrounding Beck's death. Meanwhile, Quinn helps Carrie through a difficult medical situation and it brings their relationship to a head; Adrien is undermined by someone close to him; A.J. falls further into the depths of the drug world, when he stops being a drug dealer and shifts to steady drug user.moreless
  • Gathering Clouds
    Gathering Clouds
    Episode 10
    After Quinn decides to make his relationship with Isabelle work, she realizes he has feelings for Carrie and breaks up with him. Meanwhile, Carrie learns that Beck has left a surprise for her; when Ethan & Jen discover their block has been re-zoned for resort use only; Adrien finally makes an open advance on Nicole; A.J. gets badly beaten when he's jumped during a drug deal; Ryan finds the missing Shelby.moreless
  • The Looks of Love
    The Looks of Love
    Episode 9
    Quinn, Isabelle, Feeney and Carrie team up for Whistler's annual underground scavenger hunt. Meanwhile, Carrie finally realizes she has feelings for Quinn; Nicole tries to make it clear to Ryan, that despite their one night stand, she doesn't want a relationship with him; Ethan is dismayed to learn that Jen has re-hired Lisa to fill in at the tavern.moreless
  • After the Fall
    After the Fall
    Episode 8
    After his one night stand with Lisa, Ethan is wrought with guilt and fires her. Meanwhile, Carrie attempts to track down A.J. to get her money back; unaware that A.J. has been dealing drugs, Jen invites A.J. to stay with the McKayes; Quinn & Isabelle get closer; Nicole joins Adrien at a business party.moreless
  • In the Air
    In the Air
    Episode 7
    Quinn meets a waitress who may take his mind off of Carrie. Meanwhile, Adrien invites Nicole on a trip to West Virginia to buy a horse; Carrie loans A.J. money that was entrusted to her by Nicole; Adam Lawson reveals to Ethan & Jen that his magazine won't print the article exposing Adrien's unethical treatment of the McKayes; Shelby makes plans to leave town when she thinks Adrien is out to get her.moreless
  • Will the Real Beck...?
    After Nicole arranges an escort for a married VIP and the man dies during the act, she is shocked to witness Ryan's skillful lies to the man's wife. Meanwhile, Quinn is devastated when he mistakenly thinks Carrie and A.J. have become a couple; Ethan and Jen don't connect when he is too distracted by the discovery that Adrien Varland is buying out all the local businesses, causing her to seek comfort with Adam Lawson; Shelby worries Adrien may have discovered her affair with Beck.moreless
  • The Burden of Truth
    Quinn finds himself in jail after his investigation into Beck's blackmail scheme, but after Ryan bails him out, Quinn presses him to reveal what he knows about the blackmail and the secrets behind it. Meanwhile, after A.J. embarrasses his father in front of potential investors, Adrien throws him out and cuts him off financially; Ethan enlists a reporter to write an article about Beck in the hopes of exposing Varland's exploitation of Beck.moreless
  • Lies and Whispers
    Lies and Whispers
    Episode 4
    Quinn begins to suspect that his uncle Ryan knows more than he's saying about Beck's involvement in a blackmail scheme. Meanwhile, Jen & Ethan are shocked when they learn Adrien Varland is using Beck's image to endorse Varland Gear.
  • Coming Together, Coming Apart
    Quinn and Ryan learn something shocking about the alleged blackmail scheme against Beck. Meanwhile, Adrien's generosity becomes a point of contention between Ethan and Jen; Nicole is offered a new position at the Varland Resort.
  • Out of the Shadows
    Out of the Shadows
    Episode 2
    Quinn continues to dig deeper into Beck's hidden life by forming his own friendship with Beck's rich best buddy, A.J. Varland. Meanwhile, Ethan prepares to go back to work; Jen considers accepting a proposition from Adrien; and by rejecting the advances of a VIP guest, Nicole inadvertently puts her career at the Varland Resort on the line.moreless
  • Fallen
    Episode 1
    After Beck McKaye, a local Olympic snowboard champion, is found dead on the slopes of Whistler, his younger brother Quinn discovers that his brother may have been murdered. Meanwhile, Beck's family and friends gather for his funeral.