Season 1 Episode 13


Aired Saturday 9:00 PM Aug 25, 2006 on CTV

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  • My opinion on the amazing season finale of Whistler!

    To start off with, this is exactly why I watch the show! There is a lot of action and I love watching all of the secrets unfold. Not only does this one episode contain back to back action but it has so many secrets coming out it's just amazing! I loved how this was written and shot and how everything starting unfolding so quickly. The secret of Beck McKaye's death wasn't exactly what I thought it would be, but I was right about one of the people that helped with it. The final scene just blew my mind, as the action was constant and it really built up the suspense. The final shot before it faded to black was a really good cliffhanger and I still wonder who got shot...
  • So we find out who actually killed Bec,and it really surprised me.After thinking it was 3 other people we finally find out!Also Quin tells his parents everything he knew was going on with Bec's life.So much more happened you better of caught it!

    ahh oh my gosh the season finale was soo good!I was like non stop watching it..I couldn't take my eyes off the screen.I've never seen a show get so twisted in my life,and it made it really good.I hope there will be another season because I want to find out who got shot when AJ was firing off the gun.I hope Quin is alright and not dead!I'm pretty sure AJ hit him with a bullet.I almost cried.I'm not going to forget this episode ever.And I'm glad Carrie and Quin are FINALLY together,and I'm kinda glad she decided to keep the baby.I'm still shaking from that finale!It was just soo good!I love this tv show,and I hope they keep going with another season.I will definitly cry if they don't!
  • SPOILER ALERT!!! Don't read if you don't wanna know who killed Beck

    Just saw the finale. Let's just say there are a few twists in the end leading to who actually killed Beck. Even though the mystery of who killed Beck was solved, I was still left hanging after the last scene. SPOILER***

    So we learn that Shelby was the one who killed Beck "out of love". That was the most rediculous thing ever. Even the way she killed him didn't make any sense. You can't stop a freaking person from breathing with one hand, stupid. But anyway, the twists were nice, kinda like VM, where you won't really find out the answer til a couple of minutes before the end. Also, I kinda feel bad for AJ, since he still thinks he was responsible for Beck's death when he bashed Beck's head. Oh well doesn't matter since the final moments leads us to believe AJ commits suicide. There are also some loose ends to this season (for example, when AJ was firing randomly, who got shot??) but if Whistler does continue (as of right now, it seems somewhat bleak since the amount of viewers weren't as high as expected), there will be no mystery...so I sense a slight change in format in the show. Perhaps the producers should provide a few lighter moments, the show seems to dark. Neway, let's hope there will be another season.
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