White Collar

Season 1 Episode 6

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Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Nov 27, 2009 on USA
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Numerous challenges await Caffrey and Burke as they work a case in Chinatown. They stumble into a world of organized crime, deal with unscrupulous Interpol agents, and engage in a game of Pai Gow.

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  • I liked it.

    Not bad. The case of an FBI agent who goes missing while investigating a money-laundering operation in Chinatown. We discover one of, what we can only assume is many aliases formerly used by Neal in his nefarious days. The instruction scenes, "Tiles of Fire", the escape frome the police? All very stylish and not to be missed. Also we find ourselves introduced to an Interpol agent working within the organization hoping to delay the apprehension of the perpetrator until it can bring them a reward in the form of increased funding from the Chinese government. Lastly another piece is revealed in the ever-increasingly complex puzzle of Kate's whereabouts.moreless
  • After a FBI Agent goes missing, Neal is sent undercover to catch a money laundering scheme and possibly the man who has the Agent. Complications arise when an Interpol Agent causes Neal to veer off the plan and improvise.moreless

    Another entertaining episode of White Collar. Interesting that something is missing from this show to really put it over the top versus shows like Burn Notice, In Plain Sight and others on USA. It certainly is well acted and written, but does not have the weekly pizazz some of the other shows seems to have.

    Basically we have the same story each week. Neal has to do something and when he deviates in any way shape or form he is threatened with being sent back to prison. We have some other things like his search for Kate which becomes even more intense and there is a huge piece of information about Kate passed to him by the Interpol Agent he was involved with.

    In the end Neal gets his man in his own indomitable way. Not quite following protocol, but getting the job done. Next weeks episode is the Fall finale for the USA half season finish till next Spring. This show is being shown in much the same way all of USA's shows are. In two eight episode sections. In this case White Collar will have hit seven. Thanks for reading...moreless
Stephen Sable

Stephen Sable

Lao Shen

Guest Star

Jane Kim

Jane Kim


Guest Star

Diahann Carroll

Diahann Carroll


Recurring Role

Sharif Atkins

Sharif Atkins

FBI Agent Jones

Recurring Role

James Rebhorn

James Rebhorn

Reese Hughes

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


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  • QUOTES (10)

    • June: Whatcha watching?
      Mozzie: Tiles of Fire.
      June: Part one?
      Mozzie: Part two's up next.
      June: Aha. Don't start without me! (leaves)
      Caffrey: There's a sequel?
      Mozzie: Five.

    • Mozzie: (watching a movie) He just played the death tile!
      Caffrey: Death tile?
      Mozzie: Well, the movie takes a few liberties.
      Caffrey: Then why are we watching it?
      Mozzie: It's a cult classic!

    • Caffrey: I've stolen a lot of stuff in my lifetime.
      Mozzie: Maybe Poe's Tamerlane book?
      Caffrey: No, sold that a while back. The Tamayo painting.
      Mozzie: Not worth all this.
      Caffrey: Washington's love letters.
      Mozzie: Seriously, I don't even know why you stole that in the first place.

    • Caffrey: Please tell me this isn't gonna be another mortgage-fraud case.
      Burke: What's wrong with mortgage-fraud cases?
      Caffrey: They're boring. You stare at paperwork all day.
      Burke: You could stare at prison bars all day.
      Caffrey: Oh, you still playing that card?
      Burke: Makes me smile.

    • Elizabeth: Another all-nighter?
      Burke: I married a perceptive woman.
      Elizabeth: And I married a predictable man.

    • Caffrey: You know who I am?
      Meilin: You've been on our watch list for years.
      Caffrey: Could you be more specific? 'Cause I've been on so many, it's kind of hard to keep track.

    • Burke: How'd you get here?
      Caffrey: I, uh, caught a lift with one of the G-men you put in front of the hotel.
      Burke: I told those guys to call me if they saw you.
      Caffrey: No, I told them not to bother you. You're a little cranky if you don't get your beauty sleep.

    • Elizabeth: There's really only one reason why [Neal] would keep something from you.
      Burke: Just one? (pauses) Kate.

    • (outside a locked warehouse)
      Burke: Pick that for me.
      Caffrey: Don't we need a warrant?
      Burke: Oh, look at you -- a law-abiding citizen all of a sudden. I got goose bumps.

    • Caffrey: What's next, partner?
      Burke: Don't call me that.

  • NOTES (3)


    • Burke: ...Red Lantern. Where do I know that from?
      Jones: Well, it could be a club or a restaurant.
      Caffrey: Could be a sunburnt superhero.

      Caffrey is referring to the power-ring-wielding Green Lantern, a DC Comics superhero and a member of the Justice League of America.

    • Caffrey: Don't get 'em wet. Don't feed 'em after midnight, right?

      Caffrey's lines are warnings given by a Chinese boy to Randall when dealing with the small furry creature called the mogwai from the 1984 movie Gremlins.

    • Caffrey: (walking through a huge warehouse with Burke) I think I just saw the Ark of the Covenant back there.
      Burke: If my face melts, let me know.

      A reference to the 1981 movie Raiders of the Lost Ark, at the end of which the Ark of the Covenant, having been recovered by Indiana Jones, is stored in a giant government warehouse. Burke's line about his face melting alludes to the scene in the film in which the Ark melts the face of one of the Nazis.