White Collar

Season 3 Episode 8

As You Were

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Jul 26, 2011 on USA



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    • Peter: Listen, you and I have been through some stuff... and we've had to keep things from each other, but... if you wanna talk, I mean really talk, I'm here for you.
      Neal: Is this the loneliness of the van talking?
      Peter: Maybe. Maybe, but I... you know, I think you deserve some happiness and whatever I can do to help you with that, let me know.
      Neal: Thanks Peter. That means a lot.
      Peter: Yeah. No problem. See you tomorrow, Neal.
      Neal: See you tomorrow.

    • Jones: We can't have it all, right?
      Neal: Why not? Why not?
      Jones: Why not? Why not? Well, because choices are sacrifices. And, inevitably, that means giving up something that you want for something that you want more.

    • Jones: Break-ins, mercenaries, secret messages.
      Neal: Just another day, huh?
      Peter: Welcome to life outside the van.

    • Neal: We could be good together.
      Sara: (sighs) I know. Neal, you live in the clouds... and I live on West 69th.
      Neal: I never promised you anything else.
      Sara: I know.

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