White Collar

Season 5 Episode 1

At What Price

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Oct 17, 2013 on USA
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Peter is charged with Senator Pratt's murder and Neal tries to exonerate him.

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  • White collar season 5 Ep 1

    Good epesode
  • Alalaaaaaa

  • Heading towards a good final season

    This episode was great, a lot of fun, well written. It had the best of what I like about White Collar. Neal doing what he is best at, Mozzie taking control of every situation with humor and intelligence. Petter showing his strict FBI sides and his charming soft more flexible sides. I like the end scene with Neal, Mozzie and two glasses of wine on the terrace. Neal again, surprise everyone (including Mozzie after his kind of boring and repetitive monologue) with his last words "Who says thats all I am after".

    The episode gave us a good start for a serialise last season which seems to be heading towards a good

    end. After that it would be nice for a new show with Mozzie, because Willie Garson Paszamant does a great job here.moreless
  • So cool that WC is back

    I awesome that White collar is back after waiting for so long ... for it , but iam a bit disapointed that they let Peter out in like the first 1minute of the episode ,was hoping for some more cool szenes since for once the weel is turned . Sad they missed that chance to explore this at least for one whole ep . Oh well but overall a good ep . I love that neal does all this sacrefices just to free Peter , and doesnt say a word about the how he did it to anyone else than mozzie off course , mozziie always his loyal friend eaven through Neal sometimes esp in this ep not behaves so nicely towards Mozzie , what would he do without Mozziie .

    Just one more thing , iam sure others are woundering the same ... why took it so long for Neal to forge that audio taped confession with his dads voice... this he could have already have done long time ago ( did he really think Legal justice would free Peter ?) Noargh the conmen in him should have known ... the legal way .. is endless and slow if successfull at all .

    And the fact remains thats a bit unlogical that he falls in Hagans trap ( and isent on the look out for a camera ). Just a precaution he should have been wearing a mask . But than again if he would have done so ... the story wouldent be able to evolve into a storyarc. Still its very unlike Neal to fall into this trap of the Dutchman . i find this anyway .. what do ya ll think out there ?moreless
  • Its BACK!!!!

    And (spoiler) so is Mark Sheppard!

    I am honestly ecstatic that they brought back Mark to play Curtis the forger from the Pilot all those years ago. I am really looking forward to seeing his arc in this season and his interactions with Neal.

    But otherwise, a brilliant episode. I can already tell that this season is going to be HUGE.

    10/10 from me.
Matthew Bomer

Matthew Bomer

Neal Caffrey

Tim DeKay

Tim DeKay

FBI Agent Peter Burke

Marsha Thomason

Marsha Thomason

FBI Agent Diana Barrigan

Sharif Atkins

Sharif Atkins

FBI Agent Clinton Jones

Willie Garson

Willie Garson


Tiffani Thiessen

Tiffani Thiessen

Elizabeth Burke

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