White Collar

Season 1 Episode 3

Book of Hours

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Nov 06, 2009 on USA

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  • A Bible called the Book of Hours which is very old book with a famous history of healing miracles is stolen from a Church. A mobster requests that the FBI track it down and return it for a concession. Caffrey deals with a dangerous woman.

    Another pretty solid and entertaining episode of White Collar. In this case it seemed like a strange case for the FBI to be involved in, but they did an interesting job of setting up the reasoning behind their involvement.

    We have the classic "divisions of a law enforcement group not getting together". It's a classic story tool. In this case we have the annoying Mob Division guy Special Agent Ruiz played by Kirk Acevedo who won't work with Burke because he has a participant in his department who is a convicted felon (Caffrey). So Burke and Caffrey go after the person they think is responsible without letting anyone else know.

    I especially enjoyed the performance of the actor playing the veteran with the dog. Callie Thorne playing Maria Fiametta plays a femme fatale who turns out to be quite the dangerous person in her own right. On a side note Caffrey and Mozzie are working on what the message Kate left on the bottle of wine she left for Neal was. They have found a map of the New York subways and now they have to figure out what it means. Mozzie must have made a lot of money or is very close to Caffrey as he comes in handy all the time. It's funny how Burke doesn't want to know about him whenever Caffrey tries to tell him, but you feel like he knows.

    Neal comes through once again for Peter. I think the relationship is becoming more of a partnership. They've been pretty clever with the stories so far. We'll see if they can keep it up. Thanks for reading...
  • Christians, historians, and dog-lovers rejoice.

    A pre-Renaissance religous text with a much-lauded history of healing the sick and safeguarding the faithful is stolen from a local church. This was of little if any interest to Caffrey and Burke until a local mafioso who sincereley hopes to see the artifact returned offers to close down one of his illicit operations as an inducement. The thief later turns out to be a member of the mafioso's organization and an expert on the book and admirer of Neal's alleged work. The mafioso is played well though not astoundingly by John Ventimiglia (formerly Artie Buco of The Sopranos). The expert is played by Callie Thorne (formerly of Homicide : Life on the Street) who is building a comfortable niche for herself playing femme fatales. If only on USA shows. Of course, Mozzie was invaluable and the glimmer of humanity shown by the mafioso is not actually necessary but nice. Watch it.