White Collar

Season 1 Episode 12


Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Feb 23, 2010 on USA

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  • strains credulity (SPOILERS)

    ok, the show is fun, I try not to think about it too hard.

    But this episode expects us to believe that the baddie paid someone to rob a museum, kills the guy and then sets up Neal just for the possiblity of getting an extra $200-400,000??

    Why would the guy rob a museum for matierals to fake a bottle when he already has the original? Just in the hopes that Neal figures out his cryptic postcards & notices? That Neal *MIGHT* be allowed and MIGHT have the resources to put in a 2nd bottle?

    Seems like WAY too much effort for something that isn't even likely to happen.

  • Neal is being contacted by an old adversary who wants to make a bet with him on who could counterfeit a bottle of old wine better. Neal brings in Peter and Mozzie to help him catch this "old friend" who is willing to kill to get things done!

    This really was an outstanding episode and a step above most of the first season. It was nice to see and a good representation of what this show could be if they really try.

    I think some of the pieces that fit better together were the fact that this was Neal's case and he willing trusted Peter and brought him in. This show works better when the two of them work as a team. Mozzie is also a key to that dynamic. Now that Peter is use to him, his help has been invaluable.

    Ross McCall who played the bad guy Matthew Keller was truly an unlikable chap. It made it very easy for you to route for the team to bring him down.

    I have to admit that the bit with the bottle was a little predictable under the circumstances, but I guess Neal can't see everything coming. The ending was a little unsatisfying as you felt that Keller really did succeed in his scam, but you can't always get everything you want.

    Overall a clever and enjoyable episode of White Collar. Let's hope that as this season ends and next begins we'll see a lot more episodes like this one! Thanks for reading...
  • One of the best episodes since the pilot.

    This episode takes us back to the cleverness and pure awesomeness of the pilot. While there were some episodes that were pretty good, I just didn't feel that any of them were as good as the first one. This episode features a clever twist, an intriguing plot line and a possible cliffhanger. There isn't much left you could want in a White Collar episode. This episode proves that White Collar can still have the charm of the first episode and says there is room for improvement. We'll see next week if White Collar can keep up the good work. The only con is that Elizabeth is absent in this episode. But still, this episode is the best (besides the pilot) of season one.