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Hey everyone,

This week's episode was only a case one and however enjoyable it might have been, it did not promote the plot at all. So let's see what happened in yesterday's case.

Everything started with Mrs Suits finding out that Mr Suit was hot. Literally. He had fever. And the flu.

In Neal's house, Mozzie was trying to persuade him that what they need is bees. And he had a good reason:

I guess that's a great start to start building your empire Mozzie. Why not, though? They work hard and in order to create an empire, you need to work hard.

Anyway, Elizabeth's intuition led to the case of the week: She suspected that the son of one of her customers (by the way wasn't she an event planner?) was not truly his son. His wife intuition was reason enough for Peter to want further investigation.

And also that:

And to be honest about it how can one person change his mind about Picasso?

Their plan was for Neal to be the new butler of the household, since the already existing one was recently fired.

And butle is a verb! We learn all kinds of things in White Collar.

So Elizabeth managed to get Neal in the house and everyone was thrilled about him. Even the teenage girl! (Whose name was Bee??? Seriously, why can't people give their children names that are normal and won't allow them to get picked on at school?) It appears that the father was really excited to have the son back home. But the girl and the dog were quite skeptical. As of course the rest of us were. Neal tried to question him, but the guy knew every single thing.

It didn't really help that the guy tried really hard to leave no evidence that could be used for DNA verification. But Neal pull some of his old tricks and got one thing that definitely had a print.

Which was useless. By the way wasn't Bee hiding still in the closet?

Meanwhile, in the White Collar division the sick-Peter arrangement was not working out?

So Peter had to go home:

(Love the dog by the way)

But Mozzie was being serious about the whole bee business as one can see:

So he had the appropriate medication for Peter:

Mrs. Suit considered it necessary to intervene at that point and also by the fact that the impostor was about to get 40 millions trust fund.

Because, of course if you tell a dying father who was away from his son for many years that the one who appears to be his son is not and just wants his money, that would go extremely well. The results were a shock for them and the DNA proved that he was the real long-lost son. His interactions with the dog though were very suspicious. And it all led to a vet who removed something from his arm.

The impostor had tricked them! But that meant that the real person was alive and in NY. And that as soon as the other guy got the trust fund money he would no longer be needed. Which gave the idea to Neal and Peter to fabricate a story that supposedly the real guy had lived.

The impostor would need information and it would lead them straight to the real one. The plan execution included a lot of cycling in NY's street, which seems more dangerous than anything else the show has shown so far.

But it also gave the opportunity to Neal to drive a cool car.

And exactly as they anticipated the case was solved.

And everyone was happy!

And Mrs Suit caught her husband's cold.

That's all folks. Not a great episode plot wise but quite entertaining to watch. Bye till next Friday.

-Would you have bees in order to save wine?
- Do you like Picasso?
- Would you take the thing Mozzie gave Peter?
- Would you cycle in New York?
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Oct 11, 2014
You missed the BEST part of the episode: Neal's gorgeous, sexy, perfect peach ASS in those tight pants!!! Holy Lord in a Lincoln!!!
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