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So guys, things got serious. Let's dig in.
At first we saw a sunny New York, coffee drinking, chit chatting and apartment shopping. Agent Siegel was apparently checking Neal's anklet on and off to keep an eye on him.

Back in the office Peter informed Neal that the Dutchman was a free man, but he was a criminal and he would make a mistake so they would catch him again. I got to be honest: I really laughed when Neal mentioned Peter's promotion was deserved.
Exactly after that Neal went into a meeting with the Dutchman who more or less made it clear to Neal that he was calling the shots from then on and that basically Neal would be his lap dog for all the dirty job he wanted done but couldn't do in case he got caught.

What he wanted now was a Chapter from a book that could not be opened. And whose interior was supposed to contain the secret of a great treasure.

The book story really reminds me of the U-boat story. The treasure, the riddle behind it. We'll see how it plays out in the next episodes of course.

Peter decided to promote Jones whose name is Clinton so that he could have a bureaucracy pal!

Neal ditched the celebrations to set up a plan with Mozzie. So in order not to get caught they chose to frame another thief to cover up their heist.
Neal tricked again the museum lady in order to get access to the museum.

(How could she not feel his left arm???)
And then he went on surveillance with Siegel who obviously thought that cons could not possibly know about great pizza.

Meanwhile, Peter did not seem to appreciate his new position as much as he should have. Too much paperwork, too little action. I still can't get a grip of the fact Peter got a promotion after being already investigated numerous times and being in prison with accusations of having killed a Senator. They even call him in big games at great seats and he has a limo transportation. Anyways. Things work that way in the White Collar universe. So he was remembering his old life but Mrs Suits put things into perspective.

However, Peter could not stay away and Neal had to say some things that hurt in order to get the job done. Things that hurt but that where nonetheless totally true. You can't have it both ways Peter. That's life.

And as both Neal and the set up guy were in the museum the alarm Went off and both of them made the same mistake.

A mistake that firstly led to the lady Neal flirted with to get access. Neal played the whole thing really well though. He managed to get both him and her out of the situation. And after working with Peter they were led to the arrest of the set up guy and one name less in Mozzie's list of enemies. And the museum lady to lose her job.
Before that though, Siegel gave a speech to Neal about how basically it was his choice to stay in New York with the anklet on and help the FBI, even if he claims it was because he had no other choice. If he really didn't want to he could just get rid of the anklet and run away. This is of course something we already know and have seen in various occasions. But it is nice to hear it from a person that does not know Neal so well and seemed willing to put him in prison if he violated the terms under which he was free. The whole episode showed signs that Siegel was starting to like Neal.

But then Neal gave the Dutchman what he wanted which of course was not a very smart move from Neal, considering that he knew Siegel was checking out his anklet.

And Siegel looked extremely troubled when he found out as well.
However someone, that I suspect was the Dutchman (or someone working for him) really wanted Neal to continue his second job. And this happened:

To be honest I was a little bit shocked with Siegel's Death. The show hasn't killed off many characters so far so it was really unexpected.
So that's it! Even though, I considered the episode a little incoherent at first, it played out nicely. We have what I think we'll be the big story for some part of the season: the secret of the book. Neal's handler is dead. Peter does not like his job. I seriously do not expect him to keep it until the end of the season. Overall a nice episode.

1. Do you think that they all let Neal intervene to much with how things should work?
2. Is Neal ditching his coworkers going to become a thing?
3. Is the book the new U-boat?

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Nov 04, 2013
I did not expect Siegel to get killed off and I think this event may force Neal to reconsider keeping Peter in the dark about his deal with the Dutchman since Siegel's death has made things more serious.
Nov 02, 2013
Mozzie McGuyver anyday!

Next time you post an article can you please avoid spoilers in the title, I expected the twist at the end after I saw this article on the main page.
Nov 02, 2013
Of course, I am sorry :(
Nov 02, 2013
Siegel getting killed was unexpected, but a nice little twist. It does add a little bit to the storyline.
Nov 02, 2013
Option 3 made him look like Hitler
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