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USA (ended 2014)
The episode started with a recap of what has happened in the 6 weeks period Peter has been in prison: So Neal was feeling guilty since his father was the one responsible for Peter's situation, but Peter disagreed. Apparently Diana is pregnant, she has been hiding it and in the 6 weeks Peter has been in prison she is almost ready to give birth.

Mrs Suits was handling the situation well in front of her husband but not so well behind him. She was even willing to ride a snowmobile to work. Still Neal was not willing to give up on clearing Peter's name yet. Back at Neal's home Mozzie got to override the bracelet system. A solution that (spoiler alert) would not last for long.

It was as when Neal got free, it was certain that it was not going to last. So then the Dutchman aka Crowley had a business proposal for Neal.

Which really didn't make sense, because Neal was the one that did the heist and impersonated his father. What the Dutchman would do was put a good Word with the Federal Prosecutor. But wouldn't the confession work notwithstanding the good Word?? So Mozzie was suspicious and Neal too. Still they proceeded to the plan. Neal weighted what was more important for him and he chose his real family over his biological one. So this part of the plan worked out and Peter was a free man. To be honest I was not expecting Peter to rot in prison, but I neither expected him to be free in the first 10 minutes. Peter was pleased with Neal for getting to his father. Which is ironic since he did not really do that and it will be really interesting to see Peter's reaction when he founds out. So not only he got out of prison, but he also got a promotion. Great day for Peter! Meanwhile the Dutchman wanted "pocket change" of 2 million and the con men set forth their plan.

They were interrupted by Peter. Man, do old habits die hard. But he wasn't there to spy on Neal he was there to announce his promotion and basically reassure Neal that he will stay out or prison even after he's gone.

And then the irony again: Peter said he was proud of Neal because he did not pull anything illegal to break him out. Of course peter will be mad when he finds out. But will he stay for long? He has forgiven far worse things that Neal has done and now he was only trying to help him. Anyways, the heist plan included Mozzie climbing a rooftop and threatening to fall down while Neal was heisting.

But shouldn't Mozzie have come up with a story before climbing?? It was still really fun to see him try to control himself when the NYPD lady was enumerating all the conspiracy theories. And what a great agent she was! She didn't suspect anything when he just stepped down with no reason at all. As the fire department guy did not suspect a fire man with oxygen tanks in a case where there was no fire.

The plan did not work out as expected and Neal had to assist solving the case he brought up.

And he genuinely helped if we don't consider the fact that he did not disclose that he was the perpetrator. So the guys went down on the fire department to check out tanks and coins. And the amazingly observant probie from before did not know a thing about fire extinguishing.


This whole distraction gave time to Neal to complete the heist which of course made Peter suspicious. Then Neal realized he walked into a trap and that from then on he would basically be handled by the Dutchman.

Meanwhile at the Suits Home Mr and Mrs Suit were once again debating on Neal's nature.. Is he good, is he not good? Does he have other motives? So Mrs Suit intervened and told her husband that he shouldn't be emotionally involved with Neal. Peter then paid a visit to Neal to remind him that he is a criminal and thereby not to be trusted.

Which of course as shown today was true. Anyways, the bracelet was restored, Neal implied that he was going nowhere , by saying that he used to it and that is all folks!
Another White Collar episode!

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