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In this episode things continued being serious. Well, not so much continued, as became serious by the end of it. It started with the White Collar team deciding that after 15 Days they will leave the investigation on Siegel's murder aside. Which seems like something that the NYPD should be doing or even the FBI but a branch that solves homicide and not frauds, heists, etc. Maybe each division can investigate the murders of their own. And they offered counseling to anyone facing problems. I can understand that losing someone you work with can be hard, but I was under the impression that the only people Siegel even spoke to were Peter and Neal. Anyway, it might be protocol. Or he might have developed relations with more people than we know of.

Meanwhile, Neal was in house arrest. Why? Was he considered a suspect? I doubt it, it would be easily seen through his anklet. Could he not go outside the house without a handler? He did while Peter was between jobs and in prison right? Or did they consider that he might also be in risk? Whichever might have been it gave him time to work on the book codex.

But he was having trouble coping with his handler's murder. And as soon as he complained that he can't take it any more, he got back to job.
And with Peter, who apparently, decided that since he is the boss, he can do whatever he wants. And he wants action!

This episode's began when a guy admitted of having committed a theft, but could not remember the details.

Remember, the time when Neal used to say that Peter and he were working together and Peter would point out that he was a C.I? I do. Well, time passes, people change (or not) and as far as Peter was concerned Neal was his co-worker. Boy, did he miss field action? (By the way, who did all the paperwork now he was on the field?)

Neal then proceeded to some con-men, or Spy tricks to get them access in order to find information.

And they did so by violating laws concerning warrants. Oh Peter, back in the black side. (Not so much black as gray).

After this procedure, that I'm pretty sure violated many laws, they were led to a psychiatrist who was supposed to be helping ex criminals but in reality she was prescribing meds to them and got them to be more criminal-y.
So their plan was to arrange some sessions for Neal and see what they could get. And they got into some deep stuff. So apparently Neal has to accept that he is too interesting to be normal and that is because he has a pathological need to be the smartest person in the room.

And then they wondered who was better with people, because apparently it was both of their jobs to do that.
And they went on...

Of course, it is a prop for Neal. And one that allows him to have other cool props. (Remember the house in Cape Verde?)

More than capable I would say...

What a nice thing to say about a friend and a co-worker!

So the doctor told him that he had a sociopathic behaviour, because he lied, believed his lies and that was not because he was confident, because confident people would admit their flaws and Neal does not, but instead he smiles.

Yep, and they went on...

According to the Doctor, the harder a person tries to be perfect the more he suppresses his nature...

And just because a person starts doing good things it doesn't mean that he stops doing bad things...

So basically what the Doctor said was that even though Neal had been on the good side for quite a long time now, that did not mean that he had lost his ability to do bad things. And what Neal said was that even though he was reformed, it did not mean that he could not do bad things. Because everyone had it in them. They might have started from another point and reached the same conclusion, but it seemed like they were saying different things. But then the doctor drugged Neal and he doesn't remember what he did or said.

The doctor session was really important for the development of the episode and of the story we will be dealing with in the next episodes. It made Neal realize that he liked being a "bad" guy. And if it was in his nature to do so, why fight it? Which of course is not accurate. Think of Yin Yang. There is some good inside the bad and some bad inside the good. The fact that we don't go and still things just because they are there is an adaptations to social standards as much as it is inherent. What I am trying to say is that just because you have a predisposition for certain behaviour, it does not mean that you have to act on it.

Anyways, Neal wanted to find out what he said to the doctor, because he might have said things incrimination him. So he got drugged again. By Mozzie. Who appears to be his roommate.

And it worked! He remembered. But he also had Neal had a revelation! He was not reformed after all. He liked doing bad things. And then he went to the Suits' house.

Where he couldn't stop talking. But fortunately he said nothing that would put him in a difficult position afterwards. Apart from some childhood misdemeanors.

And... he passed out

Too many drugs for a day, probably?
So the doctor was indeed the one behind the theft and the FBI sent Neal to get a confession. But even if she was the one who drugged herself I cannot see how it is possible to use a confession made under such conditions.
The show is funny this way. This case is a mess from the beginning till the end. They obtained information illegally, they took a confession illegally... This woman is never getting convicted!!

Oh, the irony!: an ex-criminal thanked Neal because he showed him that they could be something more than criminals.

But Neal was not feeling very non-criminal. He gave Mozzie a 2 million worth of a gift to start over and decided to go back to the life. And cut off from everyone when time is right. So basically con man Neal, who was never really gone, but who put his skills in use for good, is back. And not only is he back but he is planning on cutting loose from everyone when he is given the opportunity.

That will be interesting. I don't see how Neal can go back to prison for an extended time period, most importantly because you can't have a show with your main character in prison, unless you are Prison Break, but then again everyone was in prison there. But when things play out, it will be interesting to see the effect Everything will have on Peter's trust to Neal (which exists even though Peter has said on and off that he does not trust Neal) and their friendship which are two, or one interconnected of the main things of the show. That's all folks!

-Do you think Neal is going to the dark side permanently?
-Can criminals be ever really reformed?
-Would you like to see Mozzie and Neal staying together?

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