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USA (ended 2014)
Hey people!

Even thought the hiatus wasn't long, I missed the show!! And what a great way to come back, wasn't it?

Everything started with Peter jogging his stress away.

And getting a call from the DC guy offering him the job he had postponed taking. And practically moving from NY to DC.

So Peter went back to office where he had a conversation with Jones which basically let us know that Peter and Neal do not speak to each other.

Someplace else, the Dutchman blackmailed Neal by having Rebecca abducted. And Neal got angry but how could he not have complied.

I'll be honest, when I saw her I immediately thought that she was working for him. I got the same impression from the last episode too. The show is deceiving though!
The Dutchman wanted Neal not only to give him the window, but also to solve the puzzle. But Neal was called in the FBI so Mozzie got to it.
The tension between Neal and Peter grew more and more, mainly because Neal was anxious about Rebecca and Peter could not accept the way Neal helped him.

Neal found a way to keep an ear on the FBI while he was away. And you know what they say: eavesdroppers never hear any good of themselves. So Neal basically heard that Peter did not care about him anymore. (Yeah, right).

But he also heard that the FBI was ready for a raid where Hagen, Neal and Mozzie were. Which of course created problems for all of them. After some quick thinking from Neal and Mozzie's amazing memory skills though, Neal set the codex on fire and saved Rebecca. Two birds with one stone!

Hagen however had a plan of his own.

He wanted to get arrested so that he could cut a deal. A deal that included giving Neal away.

But before he could say anything he got shot!

The death toll in this season is bigger than of the series as a whole by the way.

BUT: The shooting led Neal and Peter to a discovery.
A receipt led them to a café,
the café to a building,
the building to an apartment,
the apartment to many files of someone who was watching them for the last year.
And that person was...


I got to tell you, even though I felt she was working for Hagen I would have never guessed it was the other way round. Because she was behind all this. It certainly seems that way. Was it a coincidence that Hagen wanted something from the museum she happened to work? (I'm guessing she got the job there on purpose too) The files, the shooting, the different appearances all lead to this conclusion.

What a great way to start after the hiatus! Two shocking moments and many questions to be answered!

    1.Didn't Washington look totally fake? Will Peter move there?
    2.Is Brooklyn really that nice?
    3.Who is Rebecca? Did you ever think that she might not be what she was appearing to be?
    4.Where you shocked with Hagen's death? Sorry to see him go?
    5. Why didn't Rebecca have the time they needed to decode the code?? For all Neal knew she was well fed etc etc.
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